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Many people believe that skincare and makeup products that contain oil are not good for the skin, especially those who have oily skin. Individuals are certain of this applying essential oil to the encounter will cause discomfort, pore block, and even large. However, oil is one of the best natural substance for removing makeup, dirt, sweat, and additional sebum for any skin type without irritation, even for sensitive skin. It also helps preserve the skin’s natural level of moisture.

DIY Cleansing Oil – Makeup Tips Diary At Makeup Tips Diary

DIY Cleansing Oil - Makeup Tips Diary At Makeup Tips Diary


What you will need:

Castor Oil

Almond, Sunflower Seed, or Olive Oil (liquid oil)

The essential oil of your choice for scent (just one or two drops)

Soft washcloth

Mix a portion of castor oil and liquid oil (almond oil, sunflower seed oil, or olive oil) with a couple of drop of essential oil of your choice together. The amount of oil you will need is based on the composition of your skin. If you have oily skin types use 30% castor oil, and 70% of liquid oil of your choice. For combination skin, create a mix of 25% castor oil plus 75% of liquid oil. If you have normal skin types try mixing 20% of castor oil, and 80% of the liquid oil you like. Dry skin types mix only 10% of castor oil and 90% percent of liquid oil.

How to use the cleansing oil:

Soak your washcloth into hot running water.

Wet your face with warm water.

Rub a small amount (size of a quarter) of DIY cleansing oil on to your face.

Massage your face to remove makeup, dirt, or any extra impurities.

Leave the oil on the face for two minutes.

Place a hot washcloth over your face for 20 seconds.

Wipe the oil away and rinse the wash towel with hot running water.

Place the hot washcloth over your face again for 20 seconds, and then wipe the oil off your face. Continue doing this step a minimum of two or three times.

Do not scrub your face with the washcloth or try to use any exfoliating tools with this method. The result will lead to irritation.

This method is also worked great if you own a face steamer. You can replace the hot washcloth with the face steamer.

Use an oil cleansing method two or three times a week.

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