Cheap & Effective Drugstore Skincare Dupes to Try

Drugstore Skincare Dupes – We all know how important it is to take care of our skin but we also know how expensive it can be that is why Lindsey Granger says scoring beauty bargains for both men and women should be on your to-do list. Men and women alike both strive for gorgeous skin glow and it turns out. You don’t have to purchase high price products to achieve it. There’s so many products, so many different ingredients always coming out. That people are confused about what should I use, what should I buy and they end up spending a ton of money on products.

Jamie Comstock clinical director of MD skin is showing us a few inexpensive skin care products that work just as well as. The high priced ones starting with sunscreen. How much do you think sunscreen costs on the high end? That you’ve seen and then how much would the CVS brand cost? I have seen sunscreens ranging up to $100 easily. A CVS sunscreen cos $8.99 you know under $15 and get this many of those expensive.


Drugstore Skincare Dupes

Brands have chemicals that are negatively affecting your face, so what those chemicals are actually doing art irritating your skin causing breakouts. Not being effective to protect your skin from the Sun and so they’re not doing what they’re claiming to do instead.


All you have to do is look for two ingredients in any drugstore brand. The ingredients you want are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and those are just minerals. That will protect your skin and you can go ahead and apply a liberal amount since you’re saving so much cash.

Next, feel free to cut corners on your cleanser. Why people spend a lot of money? $50 or more on cleansers usually, they’re purchasing fragrance soap. So that those fragrances and the ingredients can irritate your skin. I recommend something like Cetaphil. It’s no fragrances no dyes, non-irritating will get your makeup off will get the dirt off and get your pores clean and see the fill cost less than 10 bucks and most retailers.

So save some money and swap out your smaller less effective cleanser for this one and finally moisturizer I spent 56 bucks a month. On my face lotion and it’s half the size of this tub right here I think that when you feel like your skin is hydrated. You feel like it’s you’re doing something good for your skin. However, these moisturizers that cost $300 are not actually good for your skin.


Many of these products have harmful things like dyes and fragrances in them. So Jamie recommends something like CeraVe. It has no chemicals or fragrances in it and it has something called ceramides which actually heal the skin barrier and this big tub cost less than 15 bucks at most local drugstores. We’re saving on skincare and that’s what’s on the to-do list!

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