Dry Skin Care Products Will Protect Your Skin For A Youthful Look

The onset of dry skin can be the result of many things. Harsh climates can cause the skin to dry out whilst the skin adapts and produces more oil. Hormonal changes or simply getting older can make the skin dry and flakey. Contact with harsh chemicals can also cause damage to your skin, making it drier.

Dry Skin Care Products Will Protect Your Skin For A Youthful Look, Dry Skin Care Products drugstore for face


Despite the notion that maybe you need to back off the standard skin care treatment regimen, to allow the skin to settle, you can in fact still follow the normal three-step plan. However, the should be slight variations.

When cleaning the skin, ensure you use a mild and gentle cleanser, with some form of added moisturizer to rehydrate the skin. Also, don’t wash with hot water but rather a tepid one and avoid using soap. When toning, all that is required simply splashing one’s face with cold water, whilst exfoliation should be done at least three days a week with a nonabrasive scrub. It is vitally important that if you suffer from dry skin, don’t bathe too often. The reason for this is that each time you bathe, moisture is taken from your skin. To counteract this, it is wise to add some bath oil to your bath to help hydrate the skin.

Another good idea to consider is to look at your dry skincare regimen. Does it include lotion or serum-based dry skincare products? If so consider swapping to creme based products which are far better for dry skin. When moisturizing, consider doing it more than once daily and especially after washing. Also consider using an active ingredient, which is something that helps to exfoliate and moisturize. For example, glycolic acid, urea and salicylic acid all achieve this and are great for getting rid of cracks and fissures on heels and the like. Also consider washing at night, which gives your skin a chance to recover rather than in the morning, before you “face the elements”.

Another great dry skin care tip to adopt is to avoid letting your home getting too hot inside. This dries out the skin and is one reason why it occurs more in winter than summer. Investing in a humidifier can help alleviate this. A cheaper alternative is to place a number of plants inside your home, which also help to keep the air humid. Dry skin can often lead to itching, which in turn make the skin drier. If this is happening to you, then a cause of oral histamine tablets can alleviate this problem which if left untreated can become a nightmare.

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