Hottest Review – Natural Eye Looks Using Elf Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Elf Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Review – Today I’m going to be a review on the Elf mad format eyeshadow palette. I will be showing you guys three demos as always and I’ll be giving you guys my foot on the palette and also some swatches. So if you guys want to learn a little bit more about this palette and my thoughts on it then just continue reading okay!

Product Info

Let’s get started with some product info! This is the Alf med format eyeshadow palette it comes with 10 met eyeshadows and also a mirror the palette itself is very slim very compact very lightweight perfect for traveling. I got mine off the Alpha Australia website originally this is 30 Australian dollars, but I got mine on Black Friday which I know was a million years ago. But yeah I got this on Black Friday and I got it for I think $15 because I think that Black Friday sale was 50% off and below see you guys are watching from America. I know the prices might sound very crazy. I’m getting ripped off but that’s just how things are here in New Zealand and Australia. I’ll make up here is like so so freaking like it’s crazy expensive even like stuff like Maybelline Rimmel, they go for like twenty thirty forty dollars for the foundation.


Elf Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette

So yes stuff here is really expensive but yeah they’re pretty much a quick overview about this palette let’s start talking about my thoughts. The reason why I wanted to get this palette, to begin with, was because of caffeine light and tatty. I remember them talking about the med format palette and then really liking it. Their really really good eyeshadow is for like a drugstore palette.

So when I first started hanging around this palette I was like the shades just look very very dull once. It’s on the eyes I think when it’s swatch they do look like how they look like in the pan but you know you see some of these warm tones here when I put them on my eye they just look very doubt. They turn very gray very cool card and if you interview guys watch a couple of my reviews you would know that I do not like good wounds on me. It’s just personal preference. I prefer more warm tones and this is not the first time it happens with me a lot of warm Browns like for this one, for example, it’s very warm and a lot of colors.

When I put onto my eye, they just turn like really cool turn and very great as for the formula of the eyeshadows. They are knives, I mean the not half bad. I would just say the quite average there isn’t too much fall out there is a kickback. When you go into a pallet but once you’ve been on the ice. There’s no fall out with that. It does blend out nicely. I mean it’s not the easiest thing to work with I’ve used other eyeshadows that work you know a lot better.


The pigment is okay, but I feel like this is pigment like it does show up on your skin but it just looks very like dull. I think that’s the best way I can describe.  It just looks very dull like it’s lacking something and you know color pop has a lot of pellets out right now and I mean I love the color pop palettes like they are one of my favorite and you know this price originally $30.

It’s really really pricey. I get my color pop palette they are 16 US dollars. It has twelve shadows, so two more shades in this palette and I think it’s probably about 25 New Zealand Dollars. So it is a little bit cheaper and you do get two more eyeshadows and for me, I feel like a lot of makeup items.

You can make them work unless they are breaking you out then like you know to stop using it but for the most part every single makeup item I feel like even if I don’t like it. I can make it work into my makeup routine but this palette for me it’s like yeah I can make it work it does blend out yeah I mean the shadows just okay. I can make a really everyday pretty look that I would wear on every day but when I have palettes like color pop that is more cheaper the shades are just a lot nicer. I don’t need to make these work they just work for me, you know what I mean I think my expectation of this palette was quite high because I love matte shadows.

When I go out I always wear matte shadows. I don’t really wish them as too often just because I have a lot of folds in my eyes and when you have folds in your eyes everything just transfers. So I don’t really wear metallics too often if I’m going out for a very long time. I like to stick to my map naturally. I would love this palette because it’s an all met palette.

Yeah, it’s just not for me, I think me just having color pop in the back of my head for a very affordable price. This does not even compete with it. It does not and the three demos that I created was very very hard to create to make them all different from each other. There’s only so much that I can do with ten men either call it and make them look very different from each other. So, all in all, I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, I’m just kind of like in-between there are some pros there are some cons and if I would have to recommend it to some of my you know fellow Australian or New Zealand followers for $30 just pass on. It like just go buy some color pop eyeshadows they make some really
really good matte eyeshadows.

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For those of you guys that live in America and want my opinion on it I mean I think an American is probably like $10. I’m not too sure to occur to me if I’m wrong I so said skip on it I would still say go and get color pop it’s just so much better. So much easier to work with you want to buy products that work for you. Not that you have to make it work for yourself but yes that is the review portion.

See demos on : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTunJbzvY2Q

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