All About Elf Skin Care Routine Products Review

Elf Skin Care Reviews – Today’s,  I wanted to talk about all of my favorite products from Elf cosmetics. If you guys haven’t seen that yet I will put it down in the description box for you but today is gonna be all about skin care. There are so many different products from their line like both the older line. That they still have and then the newer line Beauty shield. I love products from both of those collections. I have like a mixture of things to show you guys today but I have definitely tried a lot of elf skincare products. I do have dry skin so a lot of these things are kind of catered towards. Anyone who does have sensitive dry skin but some of these things which I’ll mention you could totally use if you have an oily skin normal combo you know my favorite products from their line. So let’s go ahead and get right into it.
elf skin care reviews

Elf Skin Care Reviews

1.  Elf beauty shield massaging overnight recovery cream
elf skin care reviews

First up is the elf beauty shield massaging overnight recovery cream. This is probably my favorite new skin care products. That they have come out with it’s basically a lightweight gel-cream consistency and it works as an overnight recovery moisturizer.  So you’re supposed to put it on sort of like as the last step to your nighttime skincare routine. I have been using this for a few weeks now and I gotta say I’m honestly really impressed with not only how good it smells it’s like the best smelling moisturizer.

That I have it just smells really sweet and fruity but also because it does a very good job of keeping my skin feeling hydrated even though it is more of a lighter weight kind of consistency. So the really cool thing about this and what makes it different than a lot of moisturizers that I use in love and why I end up picking up this one over the others is because the packaging is freakin awesome. It comes with these little roller balls. So you twist it on and off and then you gently squeeze. It to dispense the product out and then you use the roller balls to massage it onto your skin and I love the fact that it massages the product into my skin without me having to use my fingers next up.

2. Hydrating gel melt cleanser
Hydrating gel melt cleanser
We have the elf hydrating gel melt cleanser.  So this is a gel cleanser it’s a very gentle great for sensitive skin. It dissolves your makeup right off. So if you’re the kind of person where like me you like to go in with a makeup wipe to try and get as much makeup off as you can. But then you know in the back of your mind that you still have makeup on your face that is! when you’re gonna love to go in with something like this just you get rid of any of the excess product that is on your face but I don’t like to just use this on its own because I feel like it is most effective when you use a cleansing brush. With it, I feel like your fingers just are not good enough.
3. Elf Beauty shield dual defense cleansing brush
Elf Beauty shield dual defense cleansing brush

Elf Beauty shields dual defense cleansing brush. But this is not like your average cleansing brush it’s a lot cooler because it has all of the soft bristles on it. But it is made with these tiny little like plastic tubes in there. I don’t know what to call them but what that helps to do is massage your face. So it feels really good but also it helps to dislodge the makeup from your face as you’re rubbing the melt cleanser in. This is the elf lip exfoliator. I have mine in coconut sort of like a chapstick with little tiny exfoliating beads in it right.

Elf Skin Care Routine Products Review

Before I go in with my lip products I’ll use this and just act like. I’m putting it on like a lipstick and what it does is it just exfoliates off all of the dead skin cells on your lips. So that way you have a nice smooth canvas to work with when you are applying all of your lip products and a lot of times. I’ll actually use this at night too I’ll go in with this and then I’ll Pat off the excess and then go in with a chopstick just. So that I have a nice smooth lip before I go to bed from the original line this is my favorite product.

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4. Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask
Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask

It’s the elf hydrating bubble mask I gotta say this is the most fun mask to use like if you’re having a girls night out or if you’re just by yourself and you just want to have fun. I use this mask right here it is a hydrating and nourishing gel that transforms into a bubble mask on your face so the bubbles foam to remove the excess dirt it helps to cleanse your pores and it creates a glowing healthy-looking skin. So what I do with this is I just kind of pump out a tiny little bit you have to put it on really fast because it will start to try and form those bubbles like literally ASAP within seconds I’ll be putting it on your face. So put it on really really quick just like a thin layer of it and then you let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes and while you were sitting.

Therewith it on your face you feel the tingles you can feel the bubbles forming the bubbles popping. I mean literally all over it is the coolest feeling. So I’ll put it on usually at night and then in the morning I wake up and like literally my face feels like a different face. It feels 10 times different so smooth and so hydrated. So I don’t want to use it too much because like I’m afraid my skin’s just gonna start getting used to it and then it’s not gonna work anymore. I only use it like once or twice a week I’ll put this on like right before I get in the shower.  I’ll just let it sit for like five to ten minutes jump in the shower and rinse it off.

5. ELF hydrating gel mask
ELF hydrating gel mask

When I had first used this it was a little scary because I put way too much on and I woke up in my face literally felt like a grease ball it was disgusting. Just put a very thin layer on like as if you were putting on like a moisturizer and then just let it sit for a few minutes. That I can sink into your face and then use a paper towel or like some toilet paper to just gently blot it off now when you blot it off you’ll still feel it on your skin. But it doesn’t have that weird greasy feeling so don’t use this before you put your makeup on is your makeups probably not going to go on right you
want to use. This at night right before bed so the ultimate mix is.

When I use that hydrating bottle mask and then after I get out of the shower I’ll tone my skin and then I’ll use the right here and then the next morning I wake up and it’s just like insane how awesome and how glowy my skin is I am a huge fan of serums. And this one from ELF is really really good from their new Beauty shield line it’s called the vitamin C pollution prevention serum. It is formulated with antioxidants vitamin C vitamin E pomegranate extract and it helps to refine and brighten your skin tone while reducing the look of fine lines from me personally. What I like to do is actually mix this with my moisturizer.

In the morning I’ll just kind of do a little batch of a few drops of this a little bit of my moisturizer mix it all together and then put it on my face although. I have tried you know just using this first and then the moisturizer after it means totally up to you. I just like to do the two steps in one the redness that I had in my skin has brightened a little bit not all the way like I still have red spots. But the spots that I did have are definitely a lot lighter now. So I’m just gonna keep using this. I love this makeup mist it really does a good job of setting your makeup in place and it helps my makeup to not move throughout the day.

That you know as I spray it. It stays right where I put it and my makeup looks exactly the same after I work out. For example, you know after I run errands after I do all the daily things I come back to the mirror and my makeup looks exactly the same. And that’s what I want for you know a makeup mist fine mist. What it sprays out, but it’s a lot of product.

So you don’t have to spray it a million times on your face to get that kind of set feeling. You just spray it like once or twice and you’re good and it pretty much encompasses your whole face. When you spray it just once one or two good sprays and you’re done.

6. Elf Daily Hydrating Moisturizer
Elf Daily Hydrating Moisturizer

I do also love this elf daily hydrating moisturizer a lot of people can get some good use out of this one right here. It is a lightweight scented moisturizer that helps to hydrate and nourish for the glowy healthy skin. It is infused with purified water and also jojoba aloe vitamin E and cucumber so you’re helping to soothe your skin. You know if you have redness or irritation or sensitive skin it helps to soothe your skin and while keeping it moisturize and protect it. Honestly from the drugstore, this is a great moisturizer. That you guys really you really really have to try it out and I think you’ll be surprised with how good it is and how nice it makes your skin feel unfortunate.

I threw it away because I had completely run out of it.  But I also really liked the elf soothing serum it’s not like this serum here this one like oil that one is more like a moisturizer. So what I do with that if I am feeling super dry is I will mix the soothing serum with whatever moisturizer. I happen to be using for that day just to add some more intense hydration to my skin before I go in.  With all my makeup and stuff.

So I do I love that one completely used it all up and I am definitely going to be repurchasing it. I feel so bad I don’t have it to show you guys but it basically just looks like a very light white cream kind of moisturizer yeah so that’s basically it for this article. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO2QXIqajHU)