Skin Care Tips – Essential Oils For Dry Skin Care

Essential Oils For Dry Skin Care

Did you know that essential oils have been used for various remedies by many indigenous populations around the world for thousands of years?

What makes essential oils such a great alternative to synthetic products used in most mainstream cosmetic and skin care products is the fact that essential oils contain important vitamins, hormones, and other natural elements that are found in roots, seeds, leaves, and skins of the plants.


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Nobody knows exactly how essential oils work, but what we do know is that they can easily be absorbed through our skin and into the bloodstream. Because of this, essential oils can provide a very soothing feeling for your skin. This is particularly true for people with dry skin as moisture becomes the most important need for this skin type.

There are a specific set of essential oils that are generally used by people with dry skin. To begin with, the most important essential oils that are used by people with dry skin include Chamomile and Lavender. These oils are extremely soothing and provide a great therapeutic effect for dry skin.

Other useful essential oils for dry skin are listed below. All these essential oils are great for treating common skin problems such as wrinkle, dark circle, inflammation, etc.

Gotu Kola
Organic Hops

For best results, these essential oils should only be used according to the directions given or even better, under professional supervision and guidance.

Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Despite the use of moisturizers and lotions to keep your skin moist, itchy and flaking skin can make the skin look like it’s been uncared for. Many people will spend a fortune trying to rejuvenate their skin and despite the time and expense, overlook the environmental impact of dry skin care. Winter is the most difficult time of year for the skin as dry air essentially sucks the moisture out of the skin, and very little will be accomplished by slathering creams and moisturizer on the skin, if the dryness in the air persists.

Prevention is a major part of dry skin care, beginning with internal moisture. Keeping the body hydrated will help the skin remain moisturized, in addition to having many other health benefits. Avoiding situations that dry out the skin will also help maintain the skin’s appearance, such as avoiding long exposures to ultraviolet light, either from natural or artificial sunlight. When exposure to the sun is expected, using sunblock with moisturizers can help with a dry skin care program.

In many homes, the interior of the house can be excessively dry due to low humidity levels outside and the heat from furnaces. Using a humidifier indoors during the dry winter months can boost personal dry skin care as well as reduce the incidents of static electrical shock.

Towel Drying Can Increase Dry Skin

Most people are taught from childhood that they must dry off completely after a bath or shower, to prevent getting a cold. However, using a towel can also remove any natural moisture produced by the body. Especially during dry weather, instead of completely drying off with a towel, use your towel lightly to remove excess water and then use body oil to help the skin retain its moisture. From personal experience, this is very effective for dry skin care.

Dry skin can often lead to a sagging and cracked appearance, especially for those who spend a lot of time in the sun or in tanning beds. While many believe their appearance is enhanced by darkened skin tones, they are not thrilled when the skin takes on the inevitable dry appearance. A program to eliminate dry skin care includes avoiding these circumstances.


With some folks, however, avoidance may not be possible, especially if their occupation requires them to be outdoors, maintaining their skin may require frequent use of moisturizers. Regardless of the occupation or reasons for being outdoors, good dry skin care must be practiced daily.

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