5 Essential Skin Care Tips and Advice

Your skin is responsible for so many functions, many of which you wouldn’t even consider. It helps control body temperature, protect vital body organs and cleanse the body of toxins among other things. It is so important to have good skincare so that it maintains its functioning well, but also so that it looks its best.

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Below are the 5 top pieces of skincare advice that will give you the best chance of getting that skin you’ve always wanted.

1.) Protect your skin from the sun. Nothing else ages the skin and causes blemishes like the sun, so you need to shelter it from the damaging rays. Don’t let your skin burn at all in the sun’s rays and avoid the hottest times between 11 am and 1 pm. Always wear sunscreen, even if you are not going out in the sun as it is very moisturizing and will protect against the constant low-level U.V rays that silently damage over time. You can also buy some great beauty products that have UV protection, which is great for helping to prevent UV damage on a day to day basis.

2.) Keep moisture in your skin. Just like all your other body parts, the skin needs moisture to function well so ensure that it is always supple and moisturized. This is not to say you should apply moisturizer all over the body all the time as this can suffocate the skin, but instead, treat it when it is dry with quality skin products. After swimming, showering and being in the cold for a long time are common occasions when you need to top up your skin’s moisture. Use the 5 Best Anti Aging products to help with skincare.

3.) Don’t smoke. Cigarette smoke contains so many poisons and toxins that are completely counterproductive to its functioning. They close up blood supply, dehydrate the skin, mutate cells and block pores. You only have to look at a chronic smoker’s skin to realize this is a given, so stay away from them.

4.) Try to keep stress levels down. This is not always to do but very important none the less. We all know that teenagers classically suffer from outbreaks and this is down to higher hormone levels during puberty causing excessive oil production. The same thing happens when you are stressed but with stress hormones instead and this can be avoided by taking a little time out each day to relax. Try booking spa days every now again as well, where you can get a nice cleansing facial and just chill out for the day.

5.) Keep make-up to a minimum. Light or high-quality make-ups, such as all the products from MAC, are not so bad but when you begin layering or using thick make-up products and especially cheaply made cosmetics, the skin simply cannot breathe and pores become infected and inflamed. MAC Foundation and MAC Blush are especially great for the skin. Make sure you remove makeup before you sleep overnight as well. This is because the skin does a great deal of self-cleaning overnight and this process cannot take place effectively if it is covered in a thick layer of foundation. Stick to these few rules and you’ll notice more healthy looking and feeling skin in no time.

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