Beautiful Natural Blue Eyes Makeup Ideas You Should Try Now

As always I like to use my CoverGirl outlast foundation as an eye primer and I’m just putting that on my eyelid up to my brow bone and a little bit under my lower lash line. Now taking any I show up that’s about the same shade as your skin color. You’ll want to sleep that all over your eyelid and up to your brow bone this one is from a palette by NYX. Now taking a taupe color, this one is from the tourists secret and the name is velvet pose. You just want to buff it into your crease and this will act as a transition color. Now taking any creamy brown eye pencil you want to carve out the outer corners of your eyes and into where your crease or eye-sockets lines.

This is what it should look like and again the creamier. It is the better it is to blend. So you just want to blend it out with a really dense eyeshadow brush or a pencil brush and then whatever is left over you want to box it into your crease.


Natural Blue Eyes Makeup Ideas

Now I’m taking a Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow and Shady Shores and I’m just placing that on the areas where I do not place the brown eyeshadow. This will act as a base for the eyeshadows that we’ll be using in a bit. this is 24k by Victoria’s Secret and you want to use your fingers for this. Just Pat it on the areas where you placed your Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows.


Now I’m taking Micah beauty’s bronze shimmer and I’m just placing that on the outer corners of my eyes. This will bring more dimension. Now taking a darker bronzy brown eyeshadow you want to place that next to the mica Beauty bronze shimmer eyeshadow. This will create more depth and then you can go in and blend everything together.

I’m taking Rimmel waterproof gel eyeliner and I’m just winging my eyes for this. Look I’m focusing more on the thickness on the wing itself and then tapering it inside the inner corner of my eyes to make it a little bit thinner and then, of course, you want to tight line your upper lash line. So that your lashes will look more full when you blink it should transfer down to your lower waterline which is what you want.

Now, I’m taking a Milani lullaby I pencil in aqua. This one is more of a greenish turquoise color but it’s okay because
I’m just going to go over it with some blue eye shadow. Now before I put on my fake lashes I always curl my lashes and apply mascara for my lashes. I’m using two different kinds of lashes one is from eBay and the other is our Dell glamour whispies.

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Now for the final part, I’m using chaos cosmetics and VN rose and amazing that as a highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes nice clothes look like and that completes the look for today. If you guys enjoyed this tutorial, please pin it!

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