The Quick & Easy Tutorial Eye Makeup Natural Step by Step

Eye Makeup Natural – The first shadows that I’m going to take are this warm peachy shade and I’m going to work this all over. The lid I don’t want to use anything that’s too cold Sun to cool. So I’ve decided to use this peachy shade just to give a little bit more want to this look but this is really just our base color. You don’t have to go too heavy with it just do a simple wash over. The whole eyelid the next shadow we’re taking is this warm Brown. It’s sort of like a burnt tea ready brown color. We’re gonna work this underneath the eyelashes and follow the shape of the eyelashes. So it’s slightly lower and then slightly higher in that inner part. So you’re working upwards and I’m also gonna work this right at the
top lashes.

So get your brush and just press it down right by those lashes and work the whole way across but always start on that outer edge and work your way in. That you have most of the color on that outer edge right by the lashes.




Tutorial Eye Makeup Natural Step by Step

Remember this is a smoky eye so we’re not going up too high. I’m just pressing that down really getting it close to the lashes.

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Take a fluffy brush and just buff out any harsh line just very very lightly


Tutorial Eye Makeup Natural Step by Step

Then I’m gonna take my black pencil and I’m gonna run this right by the lashes now as you can see.

I’m not putting a whole lot of pigment down it’s just very subtle. Then over the top of that, I’m going to take that same kind of burn tab rown color and work it with the angled brush.

Just dabbing it over the top this will just add another kind of dimension and depth to this look and that’s pretty much it for the eyeshadow.

That is how simple it is just to create this very defined subtle look. I’m gonna curl my eyelashes and I like to use my larger eyelash curler, to begin with, and then just take my smaller one and work it from the outside all the way in and this will just make sure. Their very well-curled lashes take some mascara and add a few coats of mascara as long as you allow them to set in between you won’t get too many clumps.

So once you’ve done one even layer then let it set and do another one and keep the layers very very thin, so that you’re slowly building up the lashes and that’s pretty much. It for the eyes and we’re gonna move on to the rest of the face. Can I take this very neutral kind of blush and work this on the cheeks?


I just want a very subtle face, I don’t want anything too much if this is a very very natural look and on the lips. I’m taking this strawberry custard shade and just applying that lipstick over my lips and dabbing away any excess. So we get a little bit of a softer look and that’s pretty much it simple as that you.

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