Eye Makeup Application Techniques For Beginners Secretly Want To Know

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Whether you just want to look your best when going about your daily life or you’re attending a really big party or going on a really exceptional date, you will start to realize the importance of eye make up. Although the eyes of people are frequently depicted as the most prominent feature, a lot of individuals plainly ignore this saying because they consider eye makeup application techniques as very tedious and something that takes a lot of time. Eventually, they will consider learning makeup application techniques as a waste of time. You need not worry; it will only take a fraction of your time to learn eye makeup application. This article will help you get started with eye makeup application; it will also help you learn more about ways to look good.


When it comes to eye makeup application techniques, a good product to use is the mascara. You should know that the mascara, when applied to one’s eyes, can accentuate it and make it stand out. However, in order to achieve this result, it is important that you see to it that when the mascara is applied, it has to be even and smudges should be strictly avoided. The use of mascara is for a certain purpose and that is separate eyelash strands from each and stand long and dark making it prominent looking. If you want to apply the mascara evenly, is it important to begin at the base of the lashes then work your way up? You have to wiggle the mascara want to maintain evenness. Following this, you can add the finishing touches to the end of the lashes by using a lash comb. Also, to ensure that you will really be able to apply the mascara evenly, you have to make sure that excess mascara should be removed from the wand prior to using it with your lashes.

An important note, when you finally turn into applying make up to your eyes, you have to make sure that you have applied concealer. The function of the concealer is to even out the tone of your skin thus any discoloration or perhaps bags under your eyes can be hidden with the use of the concealer. Apply pea-sized amounts of concealer over your face and then even it out throughout your whole face. Most people tend to overlook this step and although they appropriately applied makeup, they will still tend to have uneven results. Thus, it is important to put concealer first before applying makeup.

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Applying eye shadow afterward is very tricky. For one, when you apply the wrong color, it can stand out very much and your appearance won’t be too good. The trick in applying eye shadow is to make use of the three-toned shadow technique. In this technique, you blend in different shades to create a different and yet striking effect. Light shades are advisable to use during the day, while you can use bolder and darker colors during the night. These eye makeup application techniques will surely help you look good.

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