Beautiful Eye Makeup Tips – Let’s Boost Your Self-Confidence!

Learning beautiful eye makeup tips will go a long way in emphasizing the beauty of your eyes. Since eyes are the windows of our souls, learning how to emphasize them will make you more attractive. Learning skills of eye makeup application will not only boost your self-confidence, you can save a lot of money and time not having to go to a salon for makeup application. Learning these tips comes in handy especially during the holiday season where many formal celebrations, parties and corporate affairs will require the use of makeup.

Beautiful Eye Makeup Tips - Let's Boost Your Self-Confidence! Eye makeup natural tips and tricks step by step for beginners, for older women over 50s for brown and blue eyes.


There are various beautiful eye makeup tips that can be found both online and off. The secret to gorgeous eye make up color is not just being able to select the correct color combination but also comprises selecting makeup you like based on your eye-color, your make-up style, the make up pattern you prefer, and the proper application.

Your eye make-up kit will include eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Understanding how to apply these properly and how to decide on the exact eye shadow tint to emphasize the beauty of your eyes will go a long way in perfecting eye make-up application skills.

Beautiful eye makeup tips involve selecting the right eye shadow. Eye shadow selection depends on your taste. Eye shadow comes in a variety of powders and creams. Powder is used mainly for people who have oily skin as this absorbs the oil. Cream-based eye shadow is for younger, dryer skin since this creates a smooth finish. If you have unequal skin tone where some parts are blotchy, tan or full of freckles, use an eye make up concealer prior to your eye shadow. The objective is to come out with a smooth, even finish where your eyes are emphasized rather than the makeup.

Acquiring the eye-shadow shade most suited for your particular eye-color is crucial. Browns are usually worn for daytime as these are natural colors. For evening and social occasions you can go for a tint to match the clothes you are wearing. If you have blue eyes, choose a shade of eye shadow which emphasizes your blue eyes, such as green or light brown. Do not use blue, as this takes the attention away from your eyes.

Eyeliner is another essential tool for beautiful eyes. Eye pencils are a popular choice, even if they don’t last as long as liquid eyeliner. For a younger appearance, go for brownish colored eyeliner rather than black. Your eyeliner should work the whole day and last as long as you need it to.

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The last step in creating beautiful eye make up is your mascara application. Mascara gives your eyes the appearance of having long lovely lashes and goes a long way in emphasizing your eyes. Mascara comes in a lot of different unique colors with the most popular being black. Brown mascara creates a more natural ‘no makeup’ look.
Black mascara goes especially well with blue eyes.

No one learns eye makeup tips in a day. You will need a lot of practice, and experiment with different brands and colors to find eye makeup which fits your lifestyle and helps you achieve a desired ‘look.’

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