Eucalyptus Face Scrub DIY Must Try At Home

Cleansing your face doesn’t only need a facial wash. But you can use eucalyptus face scrub DIY for a cleaner look.

What the purpose of eucalyptus face scrub DIY? Cleansing is the most important things to do to avoid skin problems. Some people assume that cleaning face only stops at the stage of using a facial wash. In fact, when you use a facial wash and rinse it, there is still a leftover facial wash left on your face.


The face scrub is one skincare that is used to remove dead skin cells on the face. The remaining facial wash left behind can also be lifted using a face scrub. Compared to buying a facial scrub, you might be able to try making DIY facial scrubs with natural ingredients. Besides being more economical, the face scrub will certainly be safe from chemicals.

Besides face scrubs, you can also make DIY body scrubs at once. The function of the body scrub is also the same as a face scrub. The only difference is that the body scrub is used for the whole body.

Eucalyptus DIY face scrub recipes

Making your own face and body scrub provides many advantages compared to buying. Although it looks more difficult, when wearing it you will feel safe because of the natural ingredients. The following are eucalyptus face scrub DIY recipes:

  1. Eucalyptus with sugar face scrub

When making scrubs, sugar is one of the main elements in the manufacturing process. This is because of the rough texture of sugar that can remove dead skin when rubbed on the surface.

This eucalyptus body scrub is natural to be made. You need to prepare several ingredients, and the amount is two tablespoons for sugar, half a small cup of coconut oil, and 20 drops of eucalyptus oil. All elements are placed in a small bowl. Then stirred and scrubs can be used on your body.

  1. Spearmint with sugar face scrub

The second one is the spearmint sugar scrub. Spearmint is a type of mint leaf which is usually contained in mint flavored gum. Mint leaves have a fresh smell that is useful for calming and relieving stress. So, when you use this DIY homemade sugar scrubs, you will feel like going to a spa.

You need some ingredients to make this scrub. Among them is a quarter of coconut oil, one cup of sugar, and 10 drops of spearmint essential oil. All are placed in a jar and mix all ingredients. After that, the scrub is ready to use.

  1. Eucalyptus Leaves and Rosemary Face Scrub DIY

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I will be doing a full body scrub so we’re gonna take care of our face all the way down to our toes. We’re gonna get rid of all that dead skin cells and we’re gonna leave bright fresh glowing radiant skin. So if you’re interested in today scrub and continue watching the ingredient. In today’s scrub is Halla vera and this is a fresh hollow leaf. I’m using rosemary and this is dried rosemary. I’m also going to be using eucalyptus and this is eucalyptus leaves and this is also dried and I’m gonna be using some brown rice.

You can use whatever rice you have. I’m also gonna be using olive oil so first I’m gonna blend the rice if you already have rice flour then you can use that and this is the blended rice.

Next, I’m gonna prepare the eucalyptus and I’m removing the leaves from the stem and this is the eucalyptus. Now, I’m going to blend both the eucalyptus and the rosemary together and this is over her body blend.

So next I’m going to prepare the Talavera and I’ve done this so many times. I’m gonna speed this along. Here is the Halle Berry job so here are the ingredients we have hollow vero.

We have the rice flour and we have the eucalyptus and rosemary mix and we have the olive oil. So now I’m gonna put everything together so I’m going to be using about three tablespoons of rice flour and we’re going to use about three

tablespoons of rosemary eucalyptus. Mix and one little short but it’s okay and now I’m gonna mix the dry ingredients together and to this. I’m going to be using two to three tablespoons half aloe vera gel and I’m going to use two tablespoons of olive oil.

If the mixture is too dry you can use an extra tablespoon of olive oil and I’m gonna mix this and I’m gonna mix well. So to use the scrub you’re gonna just 5 to 10 minutes and just enjoy your spam. So there you have it full body scrub go ahead and pump or yourself.

Bonus: Another exfoliating sugar scrub (Make a DIY Body Scrub)

Take 1/2 cup coconut oil

1 1/2 – 2 cups sugar

Mix together until well combined

Add 1 Tablespoon peppermint extract

1 Spray green food coloring

Place in a jar and decorate

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The information above is a recipe for eucalyptus face scrub DIY that can be made at home. You can try the recipe at home when you need to use a scrub for your face or body.


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