The 3 Types Of Facial Acne Prone Skin

Having Acne Prone Skin is the #1 reason why you breakout and others don’t.

So, do you know your skin type?


If you do, Great.

If you don’t that?s OK.

The 3 Types Of Facial Acne Prone Skin

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Many people don’t know what type of skin they got.

Do Ads About Facial Products Inform Us Sufficiently?

We were amazed after calling a company that manufactures facial products to find out more about the skin types that are prone to acne.

To our surprise, the consultant told us that she didn’t know about those things but can give us more information about the products and all the amazing things they are capable of.

I guess this is one reason why we have bad experiences. We get sucked in by a sales pitch and buy products that don’t agree with our skin, don’t we?

I think that some dermatologists are also at fault here. Some don’t take the time to explain a certain thing to their patient.

Instead they usually just prescribe medication or an antibiotic.

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, whether it did or did not, there is no need to worry.

In the following section, we will be talking about the types of skin that are prone to acne.

If you can relate to one of the types below, then you are one step closer to treating your acne properly.

If not, then you can also have a facial analysis. This is a simple procedure involving a machine that is able to interpret your skin type.

The 3 Types Of Facial Acne Prone Skin Are:

1. Oily Skin

2. Sensitive Skin

3. Combination Skin

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We encourage you to become familiar with your skin type not only to treat facial acne but also to know the best facial products for your skin.

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