Facial Skin Care Products Are Important To Counteract Our Harsh Environment

Facial Skin Care Products Are Important To Counteract Our Harsh Environment

Our face is certainly the first thing people notice when they meet you and often the source of first impressions. Therefore it is important that we look after it in a world which can be terribly harsh on our skin. Your face can age dramatically from the sun without any facial skin care product as well as from harsh chemicals which you may come into contact with in your job or normal lifestyle.


The sun’s effect on our face can be quite obvious. Things like wrinkles, leathery skin, age spots and general loss of elasticity are most common. You can help prevent these by doing the right thing when outdoors like wearing a hat and sunscreen.However you should also follow a proactive skin care regimen for your face every day, meaning prevention is better than cure. We have already spoken about the 3 steps you should follow each day for good facial skin care which can be viewed on our home page. Just as a reminder the first step is cleansing the skin to avoid the pores clogging up which can cause skin problems.

The second step is toning which basically removes any cleanser left over and tightens the pores followed by the third step moisturizing, which leaves the skin smooth and helps prevent dryness. Here are some pretty good skin care tips.

Skin Care Tips

These tips should be part of any serious skin care program.
Don’t go outside without sunscreen at any time. Even when the weather isn’t sunny you can still do damage to your skin from the UV factor. When applying any facial skin care product, always warm your face first with a warm facecloth or towel as it absorbs the product better. If you had to choose just four types of products, these would be the four to look at:

Sunscreen: Look at least one with a spf of 15. Products like neutrogena healthy skin lotion also include a moisturizer.

Eye Cream: The skin under and around your eyes is far more tender than the rest of your face. Dont use normal lotion here but a proper eye cream.

Retinols: A face cream with retinol can help with those wrinkles and age spots and should be used at night after washing your face.

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Body Lotion: This should contain alpha hydroxy acids which is great for the whole body especially where the body is rough like elbows and feet. By following the above proactive skin care program, you will continue to keep face looking young and healthy.

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