A Fashion Makeup Look For a City Chic

Here’s a fashion makeup look for you. This is the ideal outdoor thing for the city, which makes you look highly sophisticated.

Here is the step by step guide towards bringing out this stylish look…


Fashion Makeup Look face 2019, Fashion Makeup Look avan garde

Step 1

Apply a light foundation and dust your skin with powder to blot out a shiny appearance. After doing that sweep your eyelids with a mid-grey eye shadow.

You can opt for a matte powder formulation as this does not create a lot during the day. To make the eye shadow easier to apply, use a sponge-tipped applicator.

Step 2

Make use of beige highlighting eye darkness over your brow bone tissue. This is to soften the actual edges of the grey of an and to give your eyes the striking focus.

Try to avoid leaving behind flecks of powder within your eyebrow hairs. If it is necessary, flick them aside with an eyebrow brush.

Complete your eyes with 2 coats of mascara. Blondes should opt for brown or brown/black mascara. Other colorings can opt for black.

Step 3

Use a brown eye shadow to brush your eyebrows in order to fill any gaps. This will help in bringing out a fierce makeup look.


Step 4

To give your skin a rosy glow, use a soft pink shade of blush. While doing this you can also neatly co-ordinate the rest of your makeup.
It will also give a pale work-a day face an instant boost.

Step 5

To make your lips look beautiful, try soft blackcurrant shades. You can also make a welcome alternative to red. Use a lip liner to outline your lips while ensuring that you take it well into the outer corners.

To take out any wobbly edges, whisk over the top with a cotton bud dipped in a little cleansing lotion. Then apply some powder and try again.

Step 6

Use a matching shade of blackcurrant lipstick to fill in your lips. Blot your lips with a tissue after for a semi-matte finish. This is excellent for a day at the office.


These clever makeup steps create a fashion makeup look while giving you that stylish-pro feeling. It makes you feel elegantly cool throughout a working day.

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