Free Makeup Tips On Facial Blush To Tranform Your Face In Minutes

Need free makeup tips when it comes to facial blush? Well here are all the tips about the different types of blush. And also the various methods of applying them.

Facial Blush

Free Makeup Tips On Facial Blush To Tranform Your Face In Minutes


Blusher is the perfect instant way to give your looks a lift.

If it?s done wrong your face will end up looking old-fashioned and unnatural.


When it’s done correctly your face can appear youthful.

2 Different Types of Blush and How to Apply Them?

Powder blusher – This should be applied over the top of your foundation and face powder. To apply, dust over the compact with a large soft brush. Tap the handle of the brush on the back of your hand to remove the excess. Trust me, it’s better to waste a little blusher than to apply too much.
Then? Use half as much blusher and twice as much blending than you first thought you needed.

Begin to apply the color on the fullest parts of your cheeks. This should be directly below the centre of each eye.

Then smile and dust the blusher over your cheekbones and up towards your temples. Blend the color well towards the hairline to avoid harsh edges.

This effectively places color where you would naturally blush.

Cream blusher – Breaking all the traditional beauty rules, this is applied with your fingertips. It must be applied after foundation and before face powder.
It drops out of fashion from time to time, but it?s never long before it makes a comeback. This type of blush tends to give a lovely fresh glow to every skin type.

To apply, dab a few dots of cream blusher over your cheeks. This should be done from the plump part up toward your cheekbone.

Use your fingertips, blend well and build up the effect gradually. Keep adding more blusher to create just the look you want.

Or, if you prefer, you can use a foundation wedge to blend in cream blusher.

Free Makeup tips on Blusher Colors

The good thing is that there is a kaleidoscope of blusher shades to choose from. However, the rule is to opt for a shade that tone well with your complexion.

It should also coordinate with the rest of your makeup. You can choose lighter or darker shades, depending on the season.

Skin tones, Hair Colors and the Best Shades for Them

Powder blusher is a quick and easy option. You can be a blushing beauty with a light touch of powder blusher…

Or go for more of a glow with cream blusher…

Remember blusher is an excellent way to enhance your overall makeup appearance. What makes it better is that it can create a natural glowing look.

So, why not experiment with these same free makeup tips?


Experimenting can always give you the best results.

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