How To Rock Fresh Makeup Looks Natural Dramatic For School?

May 9, 2019 | Quick Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks For School – Are you interested in makeup things and trying any makeup looks? If you are interested, this article will help you rocking fresh makeup looks natural for school.

How to have fresh makeup looks natural for school? Makeup has been one of the ways how women express her love to themselves. It’s a bit too narrow in today’s world if anyone thinks that using makeup is only just to attract the attention of the opposite s*x. In fact, most women use it because they want to look beautiful for themselves and become one of the ways they recognize themselves.

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For those of you who are makeup interest, trying everything looks on your own face is one of the fun things because you can experiment as you wish. One of the looks that can be worked is makeup looks dramatic.

Dramatic makeup looks can be an option for those of you who want looks different than usual as the summer eyeshadow look 2019. When you have the chance to appear glamorous or fierce, whether it’s going to a wedding, office party, or other special invitation, you can use makeup looks dramatically adjusted for the dress you are wearing.

The eye is usually the highlight of dramatic makeup looks. Makeup looks natural and dramatic eyeshadow using dark colors like purple, gold, or dark brown and combined with thick eyeliner creates a fierce and dramatic look.

 To pull off the makeup natural dramatic looks for school

Dramatic look somehow is considered as makeup with a high level of difficulty. However, at the moment there are a lot of tutorials available that provide a tutorial on how to make makeup looks dramatic faces. Here is one of the tips:

  1. Eyes are the start

As said before, one of the right steps to make makeup looks dramatic is to highlight the eye part. You can make a smokey eye by combining two to three colors. With each color light, medium and dark shade. You can blend using a brush.

Besides makeup looks dramatic glitter can also give the impression of glamour if applied after the eyeshadow is finished. Furthermore, makeup looks dramatic colorful can also be an excellent choice to rock the style. It just needs bright colors to be combined.

  1. False Eyelashes

The second is false eyelashes. False eyelashes are usually used to give volume to the original eyelashes. For dramatic looks, you can choose between individual lashes and one-lashes. Both types of false eyelashes can add a dramatic impression to your eyes.

  1. Mascara

After installing false eyelashes, you also need to apply mascara several times. This is to make the lashes look thicker, more voluminous, and create a deep impression.

4. Eyeliner

The last is the eyeliner. You can play with eyeliner to determine what looks look like the shape of your eyes.

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In short, the information above is a tutorial for making fresh makeup looks natural dramatic. With that tutorial, it hopefully will help those who want to try dramatic looks but still a beginner.


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