Glossier Skin Tint Review For Natural Daily Make Up

Are you looking for lightweight makeup product? The Glossier Skin Tint Review has an excellent response from beauty bloggers; you can use this one for your daily makeup.

Glossier Skin Tint Review


The no-makeup make up looks trends is expecting people to have fresh, natural, and flawless skin. To get those skin, they are using high coverage product, such as concealer, foundation, and BB cream. But it’s to heavy for your skin to use in daily. You better-using lightweight make up the product, like the tinted moisturizer or skin tint. One product which has high review glossier skin tint. It is a skin tint product is from Glossier.

Glossier known as a brand which has a motto ‘skin first, make up a second’. So their product is mostly for both caring and covering the skin. They also made the product by using natural and vegan ingredients, so it is saved for your sensitive skin. Like this Glossier Skin Tint, this product is very lightweight and natural. It will help you to get no-makeup makeup looks which are trending for daily makeup today. Here we have Glossier Skin Tint Review for you who are looking for a lightweight makeup product.

Glossier Skin Tint Review For Natural Daily Make Up

glossier perfecting skin tint review

Glossier Skin Tint review has a much good response from beauty bloggers. Immediately this product being their holy grail product too. Do you wanna know how good the product is it? Let’s jump into Glossier Skin Perfecting Tint Review below.

1.  Texture and Finish

This tinted moisturizer has a fluid texture; it more looks like a serum. That’s is why it feels very weightless on your skin. The best way to apply it is using your fingers. The texture of Glossier skin tint medium vs dark is slightly different; the light shades are more liquid than the dark one.

If you are comparing the finish of Glossier skin tint vs mac face and body, the glossier will not dry up and giving you the matte finish, as the face and body did. It gives you a pleasant wet effect, perfect for you who loves the dewy finish make up.

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2.  Coverage

Many beauty bloggers that write about Glossier Skin Tint Review recommend you to use this on daily make up. Because it is giving you coverage without making your make up heavy. This product is also useful for you who wants a fresh and flawless look in an instant.

When you see the Glossier skin tint before and after photo, you might not see any significant differences. Since it just tinted moisturizer, it will not give you a super flawless look as the foundation did. But the light coverage it more than enough to cover a redness and little pimple on your face.

3.  Shades

Glossier is spoiling the customer by providing five shades in their skin tint, which will matches into all range all of the skin tones. The shades are started from the glossier skin tint dark until the lightest one; they are; Rich, Deep, Dark, Medium, and Light. You can compare the Glossier skin tint light vs medium shades to find which one that perfect for you.

glossier skin tint dark

If you confuse to choose the shades, you can use the Glossier shade finder on their website. Don’t worry if your shades look a little bit lighter or greyish when you just apply it, according to the glossier skin tint review it takes time for it to be blend with your skin tone.

4. Formulation

Due to the light texture, Glossier Skin Tint Review has no sunscreen like another skin tint.  The absence of sunscreen makes the formulation of this skin tint less comedogenic than other similar product. This can be a plus value because it can be used in both in day and night.

The oil-free formula will make this skin tint is suitable for normal and oily skin, even the acne prone skin. If you have dry skin, Glossier skin tint Reddit user recommend you use moisturizer first, because they have to prove that it’s not enough to moisturizing face.

5. Packaging and Prices

Most of review glossier skin tint, talking about how they love the packaging and prices. The packaging is unique and sleek. The cute design of this skin tint will make you immediately attracted to this. The bottle is small and made of hard plastic, so it’s saved and travel-friendly.

glossier skin tint vs mac face and body

The plus value who make this product is more stand out than another glossier skin tint dupe is the prices. The prices of Glossier Skin Tint is 26 USD. Glossier Skin Tint Review says you better buy this because you will get a cheaper product which has better formulation. This product also very exclusive because it sold in Glossier official website and store only.

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That is all about Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint Review for your natural daily make up. You need to try this product as soon as possible. We bet after you read our Glossier Skin Tint Review and try the product you will say goodbye to your heavy foundation. The lighter make up is better.

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