Green Tea Skincare Benefits

Green tea skincare has become more prevalent over the last few decades than ever before. Information on green tea skin care has become more prevalent over the last few decades than ever before. Some of this increased exposure is due to the Internet which makes the dissemination of information easy and wide-spread. Other reasons for the increased awareness of green tea skincare benefits are that more research studies have been conducted on the subject, and much of that research is revealing promising results.

In order to understand why green tea skincare is so effective it is important to understand how the herb works.



On the medicinal level, the properties that help the body are called polyphenols. These substances are found in most types of tea, but they are especially high in the green type. Studies have shown that polyphenols can help protect the body against free radicals. Free radicals, in turn, are some of the main elements involved in cellular changes that result in dermal problems such as aging, spotting, and dryness.

For dermal problems and issues, green tea skincare studies have resulted in some impressive results.

Green Tea skincare DIY Benefit

In some studies, it was shown that this herb may help protect the body against certain forms of skin cancer. In other studies, it was discovered that this type of herb, when applied as a topical treatment, can reduce the effects of sun damage. As you know, sun damage is a major contributor to dermal problems in many people. The mechanism that triggers this protection seems to be through satisfying the needs of the free radicals to attach to and destroy other cells. It is interesting to note that the best sun protection of all may be through the use of a good sunscreen in combination with quality green tea skincare treatments.

In addition to helping with sun damage issues, green tea skin care treatments can also be of value for those suffering from sags, wrinkles, and other symptoms of dermal aging.

Because of its antioxidant benefits, as well as its anti-inflammatory benefits, green tea skincare treatments, when applied topically to the body, have been found to reduce the onset of some symptoms often associated with aging.
It should be noted that additional research is being conducted on this herb and as time passes more information will become available. In the meantime, there are some good, sensible ways to add green tea skin care options to your daily regime.

You can purchase good quality and tested products either online or through many retail outlets.

There is some debate as to how much concentration is needed for certain dermal symptoms and for this reason you should spend some time researching the products before you purchase to ensure that the product you are considering was developed for the problem that you have.

There are two ways to use this herb. One is through topical applications that you put onto your flesh, and the other method of delivery is through oral ingestion. Oral ingestion can take place through drinking the beverage or from the use of pills or capsule supplements. It has been suggested that if you plan to drink the beverage that you have between four and ten cups per day. That is a lot to drink, to be sure, which is one of the main reasons why many consumers use a combination approach of taking a daily supplement along with a few cups of the beverage.

Another reason to use, or at least consider using, the combination approach is that some studies have shown that some green tea skin care topical products may lose some of their potency when exposed to air.

By using the topical products along with a daily beverage consumption plan you can help boost the effectiveness and the antioxidant benefits that this herb provides. You can think of this as a one-two punch.

If you would like to try a home preparation, the following may be helpful. Brew some of the beverage as you would normally do and then freeze it in ice cube trays. When you wish to use the treatment, take out a cube and allow it to begin to thaw. Do not use the ice directly on your face as this may cause an ice burn. Place the thawing cube into a clean cloth and use it as a toner. The stronger you brew the beverage, the stronger the concentration will be within the cube itself. If you wish, you can find other green tea skincare preparations and recipes online.

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