All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are among the most popular and most used ways of turning your short hair into a lush mane, of making a great and unique hairstyle or just run ahead of the growth of your hair. Hair extensions are not only a trademark of celebrities, because they are recently becoming more and more popular among your girls who are looking for some ways to diversify their appearance.

If you have always wanted to try something different, we will introduce you to the most important details about hair extensions, which will answer most of your questions before buying some extensions.


Hair extensions before and after before and after

What is really hidden behind the term ‘hair extensions’?

Hair extensions are locks of hair that may be both natural and artificial hair. Of course, natural hair locks have certain advantages. They may be treated with hair dye, they may be straightened and curled, etc. If we have to put this in other words, natural hair extensions give you the opportunity to do anything you usually do with your own hair, which is their greatest advantage.

On the other hand, artificial hair extensions do not allow you to do any experiments with them, because they are more vulnerable to such treatments. It is important to be aware of the fact that you should put any hair extensions only in case your own hair is healthy enough and you don’t suffer from hair loss.

How to choose the hair extensions that are the most appropriate for you?

There are some factors that you should definitely comply with when choosing hair extensions in order to prevent some further troubles. First, and most importantly, no matter if you choose natural or artificial hair locks, buy some that are manufactured by a company that has already been established on the market and has many satisfied customers.

Moreover, you should calculate how many hair extensions you actually need, but in order to do that you should consult with your hairdresser. Remember that different hair extensions have different weight, and the bigger weight they have the thicker they are. Therefore, this is the moment when your hairdresser should help you deal with all the questions you have in order to guarantee great results.

An important detail that you should not miss is that the length of the hair locks are always measured when they are straight. This is information that is not to be underestimated and that you should always have in mind, especially when buying curly hair extensions. Also, you should take into consideration the fact that when curled the length of the locks of hair are shortened with about 4 inches.

Nowadays the market offers all ladies a great variety of both natural and artificial hair extensions. Their prices vary depending on their quality, but they undoubtedly are an accessory that can make a woman feel well in her own skin, especially if her hair was something she was frustrated about.

How are the hair extensions put?

Actually, there are many ways that can use in order to put your hair extensions. Of course, it is best you visit your hairdresser and let them do the work in order to get the best and most professional results. No matter if you are going to use hair tresses, keratin bands, caps, separate hair locks or sewing to your own hair, you should be absolutely sure that you are willing to take this step. As we have already said, it is crucial to make a research about the market, to hear different opinions about different hair extensions manufacturers, and consult a hairdresser before buying your extensions.


Finally, we should say that no matter what hair extensions you choose, they all need regular and careful maintenance. This is necessitated by the fact that your hair constantly grows. On the other hand, the regular maintenance of the extensions will lead to long-term use, which is actually a good investment.

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