Review – Flawless Hair Serum for Growth, It’s Work? How To Apply?

With summer just about here and bathing suits coming out of storage, I thought ingrown hairs might be necessary, though not necessarily exciting, topic to discuss. Regardless, the product I’m posting about is amazing!

Flawless Hair Serum for Growth, It’s Work? How To Apply?

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Ingrown hairs may not be a very dainty topic, but they’re a fact of life. Especially for those of us who shave, wax, use depilatories, etc. I’ve seen a lot of ingrown hair treatments, but I can say I have a favorite that I use and love 100%

Have you ever heard of Whish?’ If you haven’t, consider yourself informed! I love Whish Body. They offer some absolutely amazing products and I can’t help but appreciate the fact that the original products created were for the wife of one of the founders. Their products are free of many horrible chemicals and they work!

Back on point, Whish makes one product in particular called Flawless. It’s an ingrown hair serum that is made of many natural and organic ingredients and it is seriously so effective. I believe it may also possibly be vegan. I use it when I wax or shave, especially certain delicate areas, and my hubby even uses it on his face/neck when he shaves.

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There are a million stories of women buying it for themselves and/or their husbands with great success. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t have a horrible smell, and it’s a gel so it’s super easy to apply! All you have to do is spread it on any areas you’re concerned about developing ingrown hairs once you’ve waxed, shaved, etc. It is NOT tested on animals and comes in packaging that the company states is earth-friendly.

I don’t know much about the composition of the packaging, but it comes in a cardboard tube (which is biodegradable I assume) and a plastic pump bottle (which must be made of recyclable plastic).

Either way, both my husband and I have had amazing luck with this stuff. The company site says it works by replenishing the suppleness of your skin and weakening follicles to discourage hair growth. It also has ingredients that sooth irritated the skin. All I know is that it’s free of parabens, sulfate, petrochemicals, etc., has a light, pleasant smell without a sting, and it works!

A bottle of Flawless is priced at $22.50 for a 1.1oz bottle, but I purchased a bottle 1.5 years ago for my husband and he still has about 1/5 of the bottle left! I use it at about the same rate my husband does–fairly sparingly. Even if you use it much more frequently, it is a great investment!

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Have you tried Flawless? Have you tried other ingrown hair treatments? Share your experiences!

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