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Maintaining Healthy Hair Use Natural Ingredients

Maintaining healthy hair is not just limited in using shampoo and conditioner. We can also make our own hair mask to ensure healthy hair. Here is a recipe of hair mask for dry hair made from apple, lemon, and corn flour. Besides treating your dry hair, this hair mask can also treat your scalp from

Five Reasons Minoxidil Increased Hair Loss Occurs

Though Minoxidil increased hair loss does occur, often there is an easy explanation for why hair loss increases while using Minoxidil. Some explanations are as simple as using the product improperly. In order to determine why you may be suffering from increased hair loss while on Minoxidil, you need to explore some of the common

Find Thinning Hair Treatment

Millions of people, both male and female, suffer from thinning hair and hair loss. The most common form is known as androgynous alopecia or male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is often genetic but can be headed off with treatment. Here are a few places to find thinning hair treatment. One of the

Hot Oil Treatments – A Part of a Healthy Hair Regime

Oil treatments should be a part of any healthy hair regime. Our hair thrives on natural oils. You can purchase oils at beauty supply stores like Sally’s or at health food stores like Whole Foods. They come in plastic or glass containers in which you take small amounts and heat up on the stove or

Hair Removing – How To Do It Without Tears

There are a lot of hair removing tools in the modern world. The specialists from the Manhattan Barber Shop have prepared a list of them, so you can choose what floats your boat. Method #1. Waxing Advantages: The biggest advantage of this procedure is long-lasting results. It means you will be free from any hair