Harmful Ingredients In Eyelash Extensions That You Should Know!

We have all been there, wanting longer and fuller eyelashes. The temptation of getting eyelash extensions is unbelievable, especially when you see how great these look on other people. However, what many people do not know is that eyelash extensions actually contain a number of harmful ingredients, which can be dangerous for one’s health.

Ingredients in Eyelash Extensions

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One of the most hazardous components is the glue that is used for the application of eyelash extensions. A number of chemical substances are added to the glue, in order to make it more effective. However, these chemicals substances ‘ ethyl-2 cyanoacrylate, urethane rubber trade secret and ester proprietary ‘ can have an irritating effect on the eyes and skin around them. After using eyelash extensions, many people have complained of a burning or stinging sensation in the area. These are the side effects of eyelash extensions and it is important to recognize them before they become even worse.

In the majority of the situations, these side-effects are present in those who present other allergic reactions as well (higher sensitivity). However, it has been discovered that these harmful ingredients can cause allergic reactions in those who have not experienced such problems before (due to their being quite strong). So, don’t think that you are protected against these side-effects, just because you are not the allergic kind.

More recently, it has been discovered that some of the substances that are used for the making of eyelash extensions increase the risk for certain types of cancer. The highest risk for such problems is brought by formaldehyde, a substance which is often used for its adhesive properties. So, be sure to pay attention to the substances that are used for eyelash extensions, especially when it comes to the adhesive used for their fixation.

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Unfortunately, the glue used for the application of the eyelash extensions can extend its side-effects beyond the eyelash area. Studies have shown that it can have a negative effect on the reproductive system in women; moreover, it can cause organ damage and has a neurotoxic effect at the level of the brain. As for the local effect, many people have complained of their own eyelashes falling after using eyelash extensions and the respective adhesive.

Prolonged usage of eyelash extensions can cause the eye to suffer from a chronic infection. In the situation that you want to prevent such problems from occurring, it is recommended that you choose organic products. These are going to give you eyelashes that are stronger and thicker, without you needing eyelash extensions ever again.

Because formaldehyde is a harmful product, you need to watch out for it. Stay away from the adhesives that contain this substance, as it can cause severe irritation and dermatitis. NovaLash is one of the few brands that are present on the market that promises their adhesive for eyelash extensions to be free of formaldehyde. However, many people are not aware that a small amount of this substance is produced upon opening the product.

Case Study on Eyelash Extensions

As for the ethyl-2 cyanoacrylate, this is just as harmful. Studies have shown that this substance, which is used for its adhesive properties as well, can have a toxic effect on the immune system. Because of that, it can lead to all sort of allergic reactions, ranging from moderate to severe.

Upon reading the label of the adhesives recommended for eyelash extensions, you will discover that many of them contain a number of fragrances. While these might give out a pleasant small, this does not mean that they are also healthy. These fragrances are chemical substances as well and it is for the best to avoid the products that contain them.


In order to protect yourself against such problems, always read the label of the product. If you are going to have your eyelash extensions applied in a salon, make sure to see the products they are using. Never purchase cheap eyelash extensions or glue, as these contain the most harmful chemicals. It is for the best to pay a little bit more and enjoy a quality product, without worrying that it might do you harm. Also, make sure that the extensions are applied by someone who has the experience, as the wrongful application can cause problems as well.

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