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Know Your Skin Type

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Before starting the care of your skin you must know about your skin type. It is the first step towards beautiful skin. It is essential because after knowing it you can work out for your skin and you can choose the suitable products for your skin. It will be better for you. Here are five main features of skin types, and then you can compare your skin. After knowing your skin type you can observe what the best way is to care for your skin.
The four most common skin types are:




Combination (oily and dry)


This type of skin is smooth, supple and soft. This type of skin does not feel dry or oily; it feels fresher after a wash. It is totally free of blemishes. If you have normal skin, fortunately, this doesn’t mean you have no need to care for it. You can use a foaming face wash for cleaning it, if you massage your face with face wash it will give you a rosy complexion.


Dry skin gives you rough, tight and dry touch. It feels tighter after a wash and may have dry patches. The pores are very fine. If you have dry skin then you should care it carefully. Wash your face with moisturizing face wash, and after washing always use a thick cream moisturizer. Dry skin needs cream as much so you can use home remedies also.


Oily skin gives a greasy look. It has a very thick and coarse texture. You can see visible pores in dry skin. Oily skin needs cleansing again and again, and a gentle, foam facial wash is best suitable for it. After washing, oily skin gives a fresh look, it needs also a moisturizer but chose watery fluid, and light, and it is enough.


In a combination of skin, you can find a natural look with dry and oily patches. Oiliness is found on the T zone and dryness on the cheek. Most women have combination skin. You have to care your skin twice a day, in the morning use a foaming facial wash and in the evening use a moisturizer to remove the dryness on your face. So, you can make a balance between dry are and oily areas.

Home Remedies For Skin Care

Home remedies Can do better work for your skin rather than any cosmetics, enhances your skin health, and one thing that is important too, home remedies are easy to make and are astonishingly price effectual. Cosmetics skin care products have also risky chemicals which are entered easily in your skin and affect your overall health which are absorbed by your skin enters into your bloodstream and ultimately affects your overall health.

Home Remedies For Skin Care dark spots face and anti aging

Home remedies are best to use, you can find moisturizer, cleanser, toner, face mask, and body powder too in it. And they work as well as you want for your skin. To make moisturizer you can use coconut oil. As a lip balm coconut butter will be better. Mix patchouli oil or orange with rose and remove your wrinkles. For healing cellulite use grape, mix with orange oil. Add patchouli or lavender oil and geranium for treating burns.

Aloe Vera leaf can work on your sunburn. You can use cucumber, avocados and strawberry juice too. For you tired eyes you can place cucumber on it for a soothing effect. Almond oil supplies moisture and smoothness to your skin. For your refreshing and moisturizing face mask, you can use cucumber mix with banana. You can blend cornstarch, baking soda to essential body oil to make body oil.

Some basic things separately from all these home remedies can also work for your skin care like eating lots of green vegetables, taking plenty of rest and fruits and you should drink 15-16 glass of water on a daily basis. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle by all these things and you can get beautiful and glowing skin.

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