How To Find A Good Face Wash Products?

Ok, so you’ve got a zit popping out. Or maybe you have a couple of zits popping out. You’re desperate to find a way to get rid of your acne. You decide you need a face wash. But what is a good face wash? How do you actually find a good face wash that actually works? Everyone is different. What might be a good face wash for some, might not work for others? In reality, it’s probably best to test out a variety’ of face washes. Just go to the store or online at Amazon and look through all the different face washes. Most face washes contain one or the other leading acne-fighting ingredient. The first ingredient in benzyl peroxide and the second one is Salicylic acid.

So now you’re wondering well which one is better for me? Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic acid? It depends. Typically I find that Benzyl Peroxide works the best. Its seems to be stronger and work for most people. That is why most face washes contain this ingredient instead of the other. But that’s not to mean the other won’t work for you. Everyone has different skin. Finding a good face wash that works for you, might not work for the next person.


good face wash products

After you test out a few and see which leading ingredient is for you, you will now need to find which brand is best for you. Oxy face wash is a good strong brand that seems to be pretty effective. Proactiv contains a bit of both. They seem to mix a variety of styles together. That is why when you buy a package from them you get several bottles. Some say its works and others say it doesn’t. I haven’t had much success with Proactiv personally. You also need to find a good face wash that won’t irritate your skin. Sometimes a face wash can be effective in killing acne, but it also dries out your skin, leaving it red and irritated. Unfortunately, if this face wash works, you probably won’t want to get rid of it. There are always gentle face washes than you can apply on after the more tougher face wash. So in conclusion, I don’t really think there is a perfect face wash. I think there are a variety of face washes and each one might work for a different person. You just need to go out there and test them all and see which one really works the best for you.

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