How to Get Angelina Jolie Cat Eyes

A diva and trendsetter in the world of make-up, people yearn to get Angelina Jolie cat eyes. There are many reasons why people are so eager to take beauty tips from. For one, she has a flawless face – so much so, that she looks good even without makeup. And even when she wears makeup, she has two prominent, features: her lips and her eyes. Angelina Jolie was born with distinctive eyes which she is not shy to accentuate. These eyes are called “cat eyes” in makeup parlance and they are a prominent feature of her beautiful face. In order to accentuate her eyes, she wears cat eyeliner make up.

How to Get Angelina Jolie Cat Eyes

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To the eyelids, Angelina Jolie applies a pearly neutral taupe or nude eye shadow from the lid to the crease. Then she swipes a touch of this along her lower lash line For the crease, she uses a medium brown or light gray eye shadow from corner to corner. Use of a nude or cream eye shadow sparingly on the brow bone helps to accentuate the cat eye look. For the eyeliner, Angelina uses two different shades for this look:

• A black charcoal
• A dark brown

Angelina Jolie uses either or both and they can be in the form of a wet powder or pencil eyeliner. Starting with the dark brown eyeliner, she lines the entire eyelash, top, and bottom, with the most delicate line that she can achieve. For this, she aims her brush or pencil at the top eyelash line from underneath and at the lower lash line from above. Use a dotting motion with a very light touch. This will restrict the color just in between the lashes.

With the charcoal or black eyeliner, Angelina Jolie goes back and aims the pencil or brush at the upper eyelash from above. Commencing from ¼ to 1/3rd of the way, in from the inner corner, Angelina widens upwards at the line as it progresses toward the outer corner. The further you get from the outer corner of the eye, the wider the line gets, giving that cat eyes look.

Angelina Jolie finishes this by lightly lining the lower lash line, with the black or charcoal or black eyeliner. Beginning at the outer corner, she stops at ½ to 1/3rd of the way across. This lower line can be blurred a little with a sponge, but the brown eyeliner is to be set first with a little face powder, patted on using a sponge.

She defines her brows with a powder or pencil in a shade just slightly darker than the hair color. You can start by defining the arch and then fill in the rest as necessary.

One other process she does is to curl the eyelashes and coat with a black lengthening mascara. Angelina applies single false eyelashes at the outer corners of the upper lids. This does add a little drama, but you have to practice applying it before it is actually done. Now look in the mirror at your perfect Angelina Jolie cat eyes!

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