How To Get Longer Lashes?

How To Get Longer Lashes?

Women want to know beauty secrets like how to get longer lashes:

Finding out how to get longer lashes is one beauty secret women have always wanted to discover. Cleopatra may or may not have been the first woman to wear eye makeup to accentuate her eyes but she might be the earliest example most people have seen. Since that time, millions of women have sought out ways to make their eyes look more attractive.


Makeup has Limitations:

In recent times, women have used a variety of different kinds of makeup and tools to try to find ways to make their eyes stand out. Eyeliner is one product that many women use on a daily basis. This can be a liquid, a pencil or something that gets brushed on much like eye shadow. While it can help to some extent, it can smear or wear off during the day.

How To Get Longer Lashes naturally DIY overnight fast use best products

Most women will also use mascara. This can be found in waterproof and regular formulas. The advantage to the waterproof kinds is that these tend to stay on longer and hold up even though things like allergy attacks. These can be drying for some women, especially if they forget to remove the makeup at night. The result can be brittle lashes that sometimes break off.

The other problem with mascara is that the results from it are usually tied to the amount and length of lashes a woman has. While there are products that claim to thicken, lengthen or do both, these are only as good as the foundation they are placed upon ‘ namely the woman’s natural lashes.

Tools and Add-ons:

One of the most commonly used tools for lashes is the curler. These bend the lashes upward and can help ‘open’ the eye. Some women don’t find these useful at all and more than one woman has broken her lashes due to using these.

Another idea for adding length or volume is a false eyelash. These hit their peak of use in the 1960s around the time the famous model Twiggy was popular. Since then, these have come and gone in the marketplace. Most women don’t like these because not only do these look false, they fall off, are hard to attach and sometimes come loose during the day.


Some women have found how to get longer lashes without resorting to any of these options. There are now products available that can help increase length and volume with consistent use with time. This is the only real way to get these kinds of results.

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