How to Get The Colorful Spring Makeup Trend with Sephora?

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How to Get the Colorful Spring Makeup Trend with Sephora?

Spring is finally here and we can change our makeup routine to the fun bight colors. Sephora had created three simple makeup looks that bring those fun colors beyond imagination. Over the years I always like to create makeup with multiple colors are unrelated to each other. I never thought of creating looks with colors that come from the same family, such as light pink along with dark pink. Well, the Sephora pro team had shown me that the same group of colors can be just as fun as mixing pink, purple, and blue together.


Ideas For Spring makeup for brown eyes look natural 2019 with Sephora

Lilac had always been one of my favorite. The color is soft and innocent. Well, I feel that using lilac for a makeup looks can create sweetness in every women and child. The color is suitable for women of any age.

Blue is one of the colors that looks best on almost any eyes color at any age. Blue is also a great color for the spring. The brightness can create a pretty look and sexy at the same time.

Sephora pro team also opened my mind about bright lips. During the holiday season using bright red lipstick often bring out a women’s sexiness. However, during the spring bright colors, such a red-pink will bring out the women cuteness.

How To Get The V-Day Makeup Look

Only a couple more days until that day of the year again (V-day), some of you already pick out your lovely outfit for your lovely dinner date. A pretty outfit, a nice hairdo, also needs to combine with a cute makeup look. Personally, I think V-day makeup look should be soft and settle. The makeup look should look cute with a pop of colors, and most guys love girls with a little of makeup. Here is a makeup look I think is perfect for this special day. A little purple here and a little pink there what a perfect combination to use on a day for lovers.

Products can be used to create a look that is not mentioned in the picture:

Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion (You want to have a poreless and smooth surface before applying foundation. Primer can also help maintain your foundation longer. Skip this step if you are using a BB cream, or you can even use BB cream as a primer.)

Skin 79 BB cream in Gold label, or Urban Decay Naked foundation. (Even though this step is not mentioned in the picture below, but keep in mind you want a keep the look as natural as possible. You don’t want to have a thick layer of foundation on, it wouldn’t look too attractive.)

Makeup Forever Full Coverage (Cover any acne scars, or uneven spots by applying a thin layer of concealer. Also, cover any under-eye circle with the concealer. You want to create a faultless face makeup for this look as much as possible.)

Benefit High Beam (Apply High Beam to the bridge of your nose, on top of the apple of the cheek, and a little on your chin. Add some highlight can help brighten up the face for a fresh and younger look.)

Too face eye shadow primer (always use an eye primer to help eye shadow stay longer and appear more vividly.)

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