Isomers Skin Care – How to Use The Neutral Tone System? It’s Pretty Simple and Easy!

Isomers Skin Care – I’m here did they talk to you about Neutron system and how to use it. So first of all here is the ninja tone system it’s gonna come in this great box here. When you open it up, you’re gonna find that you’ve got your instruction card and you’re going to have your warrant in your manual. So these are going to give you the pieces of information to use the neutral tone system it’s pretty simple and easy to use it. Also is complete you’re going to get a 9-volt battery you’re going to get the actual machine.  That we call the neutral tone and you’re going to get the conductive serum.
Isomers Skin Care
The serum allows you to do the operation because the Nutri tone is I a microcurrent technology. And this allows the technology the currents to go underneath your skin into your connective tissue and really help give you that deeper facial workout. Here’s the machine we have taken the paper off the battery. So please do that once you get your battery. Wrap the unwrap the battery put the 9-volt battery input that a to a machine and with the thumb wheel you can turn the machine on and off.
You can tell by the green light that the machine is on notice that the unit has three different settings we have the eye setting. The face sitting and the jawline setting and these settings are to be used in the right area.  So when you’re working on the eye area you are going to do. The following you’re going to take your conductive syrup your skin must always be wet. For the product to work first of all you take the safety seal off took the effective syrup put the lid back on and then you’re going to be able to put some of that conductive syrup onto your skin onto your hands. And then onto your skin, we’ve got that conductive serum you don’t need much. You just want to be able to have a witness on the skin area. So for the eyes, I’m going to show you how to use it.
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Isomers Skin Care
On the eyes put it onto the eye setting. You’re going to apply it around that eye area or to the temple and turn the unit on. You should not feel anything you would be a turn it on all the way to the end and then hold it 10 to 15  seconds and then slowly move it around. Do not wipe along the skin. Just hold it 10 to 15 seconds and then move it again 10 to 15 seconds.
Until you complete the circuit around the eye you’ll repeat that on the other eye the instructions are also in the manual then you’re going to move on to the face first one with the eye for the lifting around the eye area. The second the area is going to be around the face. This is going to allow you to have more of a workout in that face area. I’ve put them conductive syrup on. So I’m going to turn it on here and then I’m going to turn it all the way until I feel something usually. You don’t feel anything. So you could usually put it all the way up to the end maybe hold it for about 10 seconds.
Isomers Skin Care
So count you know one steamboat to Steamboat three steam look 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and then moving on all the way up 10 seconds 10 seconds 10 seconds. And you can continue this type of workout all the way across the face repeat on the other side.
The final workout phase is going to be the jawline. The jawline setting is the third set. I’m going to take conductive serum you notice. I apply it just before I actually do the workout. Why? Because the syrup will dry out if the serum dries out. You need to reapply the serve. The skin needs to be wet in order for the product to work properly.
For the unit to work properly both prongs need to touch the skin and the skin needs to be the way to put it onto the jawline. Hold it for 10 seconds and again repeat. You cannot make a mistake. The unit knows where to work on the muscle and the conductive tissue we do have a routine in the manual. You don’t have to follow it exactly if you want to you can you’re welcome to do that. But I like to use a little bit more liberally because our faces are a little bit different from our concerns a little bit different.
So I like to target those areas but again you always do it. The same way you put the serum on you’re going to put it off.  To the right setting you then turn it on you then apply the unit to your face in that area and when you’ve had 10 or 15 seconds you move it until you complete it. Always do both sides. Rosi really really lifted on one side and your other side will look like it needs a vacation you. (source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8oTbeLN-kk)