7 Amazing Japanese Skin Care Product  For Acne Prone Skin You Should Try

Have you ever wonder how Japanese woman got their acne free, bright, and healthy skin? The answer is in the Japan Skin Care Product which they use.

Review of Japan Skin Care Product


Beauty is one thing that will affect your life, especially your confidence. The beauty standard today is according to Asian beauty, such as Japan and Korea. It was expecting people to have bright and flawless skin. There are many things you can do to match this standard. First, you can start by healing your acne to make your face flawless. You also need to understand your skin type. Whether you have oily skin, acne prone skin, or dry combination skin, you must use the right product. Because every skin type has its own needs, so it needs to be treated differently. If you are keen on simple skin care, Japan Skin Care Product can be your best option.

Many of Japan brand skin care product has been holy grail skin care for people. People love the ‘simple is better’ philosophy of Japanese skin care. It has no long skincare routine as the Korean did. Most of Japan skin care is simple and basic, so it is very easy and cheap to follow. It also saves for your skin because they use natural ingredients without adding the additive ingredients like coloring, fragrance, paraben, and others. Those additive ingredients could irritate your skin. Even it has gentle formulation, Japanese skincare is powerful enough to treat your skin problems, especially acne. Here we will review some Japanese skin care product for acne for you who deal with acne problems.

Review of Japan Skin Care Product  For Acne Prone Skin

Best Japanese Skincare Products for acne prone skin

To heal your acne, you must find the right product then build a good skincare routine. There are three basic steps in skin care routine; there are; cleansing, hydrating and protecting. There is also the additional step which can improve your skin too, like fading acne spot and brightening. We have the Japan skincare product review that you can use to heal your acne and enhancing your skin. Let’s read below.

1. Kao Biore Make-Up Remover Perfect Oil

Kao Biore Make-Up Remover Perfect Oil

To get acne free skin, double cleansing is a must. Double cleansing can prevent you from any further acne breakouts. You can find many Japan Skin Care Product online to double cleansing, like milk cleanser, micellar water, makeup tissue, or oil cleanser. But the best first cleanser product is the oil cleanser. It is can easily dissolve oil-based makeup and sunscreen on your face.

Kao Biore Make-Up Remover Perfect Oil can be your holy grail for the first cleanser. This oil has been the top nominee of Japan cosmetic ranking for several years. It can remove all of the waterproofs make up without leaving greasy feelings. This cleansing oil also has low pH, so it suits your oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin.

2. Senka Perfect Whip

best japanese skin care brand Senka Perfect Whip

The second step of double cleansing is used the facial foam. Facial foam can remove the excess sebum and impurities on your face. It also can clean the remaining makeup residue. You can easily find any Japanese drugstore beauty product for clearing acne with affordable prices and active ingredients around Japan.

If you are looking for Cheap skincare product in Japan, you can pick the Senka Perfect Whip, as your facial foam. This facial will lasted long because it just needs the one pea size to clean up your face. It will make rich and soft foam which works as a cushion. It could protect your skin from harsh motion when cleansing.

3. Natural Cure Aqua Gel

japanese skin care products for acne Natural Cure Aqua Gel

All of the acne problems are caused by clogged pore. Clogged pore also makes your skin dull and not smooth. You need to regularly exfoliate your skin to prevent clogged pores. An exfoliating product is one of cure skin care product japan. You can use any exfoliating skin care, such as exfoliating toner, gel, or face scrubs.

For you who have sensitive skin, we recommend you to choose gentle and natural skin care product japan to be your skin exfoliator, like the Natural Cure Aqua Gel. This peeling gel can gently remove your dead skin cell. But it is not recommended to use in daily routine, cause it can be too harsh on your skin. Just use this once or twice a week for best result.

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4. Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

japanese beauty products must haves

The pH of skin acid mantle is mostly acidic; it is the best environment for good bacteria in your skin. But according to many Japan Skin Care Product reviews, your skin pH can highly increase when we wash our face using facial foam, especially if it contains any soap agent, such as sodium laureth sulfate. That is the reason why we should use a toner for balancing the pH.

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is known as the best Japanese toner nowadays. It comes at a big size, reasonable price and it easy to find in many drugstores. It will moisturize and prepare your skin to absorb next skin care. For you who have sensitive skin, this toner can suit you perfectly. It has no alcohol which causing redness and itchy feelings.

5. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

japanese drugstore beauty products

SK-II might be the best Japanese skin care brand for many decades. It produces much high-end skin care, from the basic level to the expert one. All of the product is being favorite for many beauty bloggers. The signature product of this Japan best selling skin care product is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It contains Pitera essence which they claim as the most powerful ingredients in it. Pitera essence was extracted from fermented rice.

Because it’s a natural skin care product japan, it will improve your skin step by step. So this essence is not for you who loves an instant result. Its a good product for long-term use to maintain your skin condition. It will repair your skin and prevents the breakouts.

6. Biore Aqua Rich Sunblock

best japanese toner

The exposure to direct sunlight can increase your chance to get skin cancer and dark spots. As people know, sunlight is the biggest source of ultraviolet radiations. If you are longing for flawless and healthy skin, you can never skip sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of Japanese beauty product must have to prevent cancer, acne spots and pigmentation on your skin.

Most of the people avoiding to use sunscreen because it will make a face greasy, sticky and oily, but Biore Aqua Rich Sunblock is different. This Japan Skin Care Product  Watson is lightweight, absorbs well and leave the matte finish. Another value plus of this sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t clog your pores.

7.    LuLuLun Rich Moisturizer Face Mask

LuLuLun Rich Moisturizer Face Mask

Hydrating is the key to good skin. The moisturizer itself is not enough for moisturizing your face, so you need to use a face mask. An ordinary Korean face mask is quite hard to use every day. It comes in individually package which need big storage place. It also has strong fragnant and coloring. You better use Japan brand skin care product as your face mask.

LuLuLun Rich Moisturizer Face Mask is the perfect choice to simplify your daily routine. The mask contains a lot of moist essences. This face mask is known as Japanese skincare secret to instant moisturizing. If you are in a hurry, you can use this mask only so you won’t need to apply any moisturizer and essence. It also comes in a big box package, like the wet tissues. It saves your space and environmental friendly.

Prices of Japan Skin Care Product  For Acne Prone Skin

Since people want to have acne free and healthy skin, Asian beauty skin care fever is spread widely around the world. Most of the skin care product is from Korea. It has a ten-step skin care method which very long and takes time. If you prefer to use simple skin care you can choose the Japan Skin Care Product. It made from natural ingredients but enough to treat your skin problems. Buying skin care product in Japan is very easy. It is available in many drugstores and comes with affordable prices. Japan Skin Care Product online stores also available to ship worldwide so you can get your product easily. Here we have the list of prices of Japan Skin Care Product  which can help you to heal your acne:

  1. Kao Biore Make-Up Remover Perfect Oil 150 ml           $ 12.69
  2. Senka Perfect Whip 120 ml                                                 $ 11.40
  3. Natural Cure Aqua Gel 250 ml                                           $ 26.10
  4. Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500 ml                                  $ 13.24
  5. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 100 ml                           $ 199.99
  6. Biore Aqua Rich Sunblock 50 g                                          $ 15.99
  7. LuLuLun Rich Moisturizer Face Mask 42 sheets            $ 38.79


That is all about Japan skin care product for acne prone skin with the review and prices. The review and prices are for a guide only. It maybe has different result for other people. So the key is to find the right product for your skin. If you are want to start healing your acne, we recommend you to use the gentle and basic Japanese skin care product for acne.

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