Review – Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer After Shower

Jergens wet skin moisturizer coupon – Hey guys! So I’m gonna give you my update on the Jergens wet skin moisturizer. So let’s get to it! So I just got out of the shower from using the Jerkins wet skin moisturizer. In my Influenster for my implements or Voxbox and I took a shower is regular and I’ll follow the instructions on the side here. I didn’t pack dry. I didn’t dry myself off yet. I took some of this out of the bottle here and I just put it in my hand and I rubbed it on my skin, my arms in my legs and then I end up.

Jergens wet skin moisturizer coupon


Just rub it all over actually. I did while I was rubbing it. in I thought it was gonna be some oil because it felt like as it attacked as this product attacked. The water on your skin it makes it feel like it’s going into oil. So I was rubbing and I wasn’t always gonna be oil. But then when I put my hands together it wasn’t oily very very unique. Whoa, the science behind this stuff I have no idea but it wasn’t oily okay with the water. But I’m gonna tell you I Drive myself up when I get out of the shower and I’m looking at my arms and I’m like OMG look at all this moisture.

jergens wet skin moisturizer reviews

This is a lot I mean you probably could see my glow cuz I did I put it all over right. So look at the glow and this is after I cut myself dry with this moisturizer. You can see it right isn’t that crazy amazing. Wow, talk about reducing the time in the bathroom right because well because normally you get out of the shower and then you have to oil your
skin and everything and you put on your other and they do make a ban on that stuff. But this cut out moisturizing time for me.

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So I am really really excited about this product. So true and I just thought about that before reading that at the very top of this bottle. It is so true because it cut out you have a moisturize your skin and everything. Whoa, Jurgens, I like this product very good product whoa look at that luminous skin. Wow, I’m doing it today all right.

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