Kakadu Plum Skin Care Review – It’s a Great Exfoliant!

Kakadu plum skin care reviews – Product today is a skincare product and this was actually a freebie. I believe I got this off of Birchbox or beauty.com. But it was one of their kind of deluxe sort of samples. I had really wanted to try this brand. The brand is the way and they have a mud mask. That I was very interested in. But then they sent this one.  So I was really excited to just sample something from the brand. So this is the way Kakadu plum brightening sugar mask.

When I got, it was in like a cute little box. But anyway this is a little pod and if you get the full-size you get eight of these little guys so each pod is 8 ml. If there are eight pods 8 ml each in full size you get 64 ml of product um also. If you do buy the full set of them they do come with a like a little brush.


kakadu plum skin care

So the way you’re supposed to use it and you’re supposed to wash your face. Then use the brush to use all of like all of the product from the pod, wipe it on your face and your neck leave it on for like three to five minutes and then rinse it off. So it’s sort of like one of those sugar masks that you know you use a sort of as an exfoliant and then the sugar dissolves you. Leave it on and it’s kind of this like you know mask sort of treatment.

So the instructions say to use the entire pod. I got three full uses out of this and there is still definitely enough product in there to get a fourth. So I didn’t have the fancy brush and all that stuff. I just use my fingers most of the time. I would you know use this as an exfoliant. I like to use this at night. I would use a bomb cleanser or some type of cleanser to remove my makeup clean my face then I would use this to just get rid of like all the dead skin and stuff.

Benefit Of Kakadu Plum Skincare

I really like to use this like really work it in. Rub it in and get the sugar to dissolve and then I would leave that sort of remaining goo on my face for a few minutes to just sort of like hydrate and I don’t know just let my skin really suck in all the good stuff. Then I like to do you know a proper mask maybe a sheet mask or clay mask or whatever and then finish it off with you know some sort of overnight nightly treatment.

I like to do this um just because this is getting rid of like all the nasty dead skin every time I use this. I felt like my skin was so glowy and just radiant and so soft so smooth kind of plump looking um and usually, I wouldn’t do a yay or nay on a product that was a sample because I really like to use it several times. But I felt like even after the first time. I was like whoa like I wasn’t expecting that I just I felt like this was a really really good product.

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So now after three uses. I thought I need to review this is such a good product. I really really like this, so yes this is absolutely yay anyway. So yeah that’s it this is you know it’s a really nice exfoliant. It’s nice to leave it on do a little sort of treatment for your skin has a really lovely scent.

It smells like brown sugar it’s just it’s exactly like if you opened a bag a brown sugar stuck your nose in it is totally like brown sugar. The price this stuff is kind of expensive okay for eight of these pods and that fancy little brush sixty dollars. You can get it off of Birchbox and beauty calm. There are other sites but those are the main ones.

So, if you are interested in this product I would totally recommend waiting around for a sale. I am constantly getting emails from Birchbox saying they’re having like you know twenty percent off like well. We miss you twenty percent off sitewide.

Lola Judy calm often runs twenty percent off a couple of times during the year and Birchbox also does twenty-five percent off during you know like the Black Friday sales and certain other times during the year.

So I would totally buy this. I really like this product and I would absolutely be interested in buying the full set. But not for sixty dollars. I would totally wait until there’s a sale this product to me is very similar to the skin food black sugar mask wash off and black sugar mask honey washes off. like the one that I was honey and also there’s strawberry one is sort of similar to this as well um those are much more affordable definitely cheaper than the 60 bucks.

The main difference I found between the two this one the way one just seems like the sugar is much finer much more finely ground and it’s just more smooth like that one the Skinfood one I would say I would consider more like a scrub. and this I would consider more like a polished. So this is just more luxurious much more fancy. so yeah I am giving the way Kakadu plum Brighton sugar mask a big yay I was really really impressed with this even after the first use I thought it was awesome. I guess I wasn’t really expecting much from this, because I thought it would be very similar to the skin food one but it was like that but just way nicer.

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It’s more like refined and fancying chic smells really good my skin is so soft and so glowing and just lovely. I feel like this is a fabulous treatment to use at night to just sort of really prepare your skin for any sort of overnight treatment to just get it all ready to like really soak in all that good stuff you put on at night um yeah really love it. the only negative is the price. But again there are definitely ways around that wait for those sales. I never try to never pay full price for any beauty stuff to require some patience and a little bit of organization. But I am a dedicated a skincare freak anyway. (Source: Youtube)