My Favorite Beauty Products – Korean Cosmetics Packaging

Hello Everyone!

I had always loved Korean cosmetic because of its beautiful packaging, so during my trip to Asia last year I have purchased a bunch of Korean cosmetics just because it is not that easy for me to obtain the products back in the States. (If you are interested knowing what I got please check out my Asia Haul post).


My Favorite Beauty Products - Korean Cosmetics Packaging

I picked up a Dear Me Petite Blusher by Tony Moly in shade 02, which is a peachy coral with a satin finish. I love any coral blushes because it can be used on any skin tone and be paired with any type of makeup looks. Not only so the color is very soft allowing my makeup appearance looking more natural. Even though the color of this blush was extremely pretty, but the blush wasn’t anything like the way I thought it would be. It appears somewhat pigmented on my finger but when I swatch it against my skin the color barely shows up. Every time I used it I have to pack a ton of product on my blush brush in order to make it show on my cheeks. I do love how the blush looks on my cheeks once I was able to get the color to show up. It’s satin finish made my skin looking soft without being ashy. Sometimes matte and satin finishes blush does seem dry and ashy on my dehydrated skin.

Before I was really able to try my Dear Me Petite Blusher, I picked up two of the Lovely Cookies blushes from Etude House. The first color was 01 Pink. It is lavender pink with a matte finish. This color has no pigmentation what so ever! I tried applying the blush with a brush and my finger hoping that different technique will provide a different result, yet none of the methods worked. The other shade was the 05 Lovely Pink, which is a lotus pink with a shimmer finish. This blush pigmentation was another disappointment. The color barely shows up on my face, except there was glitter everywhere.

Overall I gave all three of these blushes because its quality was horrible! They are all lack of pigmentation, which made the colors barely even want to show up. I was able to get the Tony Moly to blush to work, but only if I spend an extra 5 minutes each day trying to pack on the product. Both of the Etude House blushes didn’t even reveal no matter how I try to build the product. The worst part was the 05 Lovely Pink made my face look super glittery. The reason why I didn’t give the blushes an F is only because of its packing. All three of these blushes came with a small white fluffy sponge with a small bow on top making it look super cute. However, the sponge did not do a good job for the blush applicator. Most of the product is suck on the sponge rather than transfer onto the skin. I love how Etude House and Tony Moly made the packing color the same shade as the blush. I wish every cosmetic company would of do the same thing because it would be a lot faster for me to find a blush color in my collection without opening each blush to see that color it is.

I do not recommend any of these blushes to you to try. It cost me at least $7 for each of the blush and it doesn’t even work. You can find any drugstore blush for the cheaper price with better quality.

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