Amazing Korean Skincare Routine Day And Night That’ll Transform Your Skin

Korean skin care routine day and night – Korean is well known for its innovative and price savviest of beauty product especially skin care. Learn more about Korean skin care routine and outcome in this article.

Korean beauty product and trend is so successful taking over the worldwide beauty market. Even the western brand has created the imitation of the Korean product to cash in. Korean treatment product essentially always have the characteristic of the combination of ancient traditions and innovative technology.


The product always has a natural component such as herb, animal part extract, etc. as the main ingredient. The product especially skin care can compete with the same vicinity favorite American beauty product such as the Revlon and Maybelline. Korean skin care became an educational experience for skin care enthusiasts to give natural component into modern skin care treatment. Find out more about Korean skincare routine and product in this article.

Complete Information about Korean Skin Routine Day and Night

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Not only about the skin care product, but the Korean women also use eight extensive Korean skincare routine steps to help skin looking healthy and beautiful. The action is explained as the different variety of beauty product that can be used at certain times depending on your skin concerns and skin type. If you have an interest in the Korean skincare product and routines, read more about it in the following information down below.

The Recommended List of Korean Skin Products Day and Night

  • Skin Care Product Cleanser

After you cleanse your skin with water in the morning, we suggest you use the Korean skincare routine before and after activities product. The product consists of two type form based including oil-based cleanser and water-based cleanser. Oil-based cleanser product has the function to remove a few impurities that settle on the face such as the oil-based makeup, SPF, etc. Furthermore, the water-based cleanser has the capabilities to remove any skin supple and remaining residue on the front.


Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick. Price $22

  • Skin Care Product Toner

Toner is the critical product for skin care routine especially to balance the skin Ph levels and help absorb next skin care product you apply after the cleansing process. Korean tone has the capabilities to hydrate, moisturize and restore the skin Ph after the cleansing process. The toner always has the traditional natural ingredient that passed from generation to generation. The part of Korean skincare routine acne have the formulations that tend to shun harsh chemical and come from deep earth source.



Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin. Price $18

  • Skin Care Product Essence

Next skincare product is the essences that have the formula between toner and serum which the principles tend to be a bit more fluid and less concentrated. The product works perfectly to moisturize the skin and aiding the other skin care product to absorb in the skin more easily. Furthermore, it can correctly hydrate the skin complexion so you can get a youthful appearance. Because the essence is playing a vital role as the skin vitamin that can increase skin performance.


Neogen Real Ferment Micro Essence. Price $38

  • Skin Care Product Ampoules

This Korean skincare routine is the serum type product that formulated with the high number natural and active ingredient that targets a specific need of the skin type such as the fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, etc. The Ampoules usually used in the infinite amount of time according to your skin condition is it needs to have a booster to increase its performance but generally, is used in the thicker form so the more viscous product can go on. The product is very combinable because by using this skin care product you can customize your regimen here by adding or removing the skin care product that fit your skin characteristic.


Real Ferment Micro Serum. Price $38


Korean skincare routine foundation is the lifestyle, mindset and suitable Korean skin product for the average user skin. Korean skincare routine products are well known for the innovation, gentle ingredients, attractive packaging so the customer definitely will not regret the decision to buy this Korean product. Nowadays there are many variants of Korean skin product such as lotion, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. and also many existing Korean skin retailer worldwide either offline and online. Hopefully the suggested Korean skin product and skincare routine can inspire you to get the perfect treatment for your skin.

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