Long Layered Hairstyles by Celebrities 2019

Layers will never get out of fashion because they are meant to add a fresh look to your hairstyle. If you don’t know how to change your out of fashion look then opt for layers. Layers have the power to cover your imperfection. For example, long face owners may use layers to add a visual roundness to their face. Thick hair wearers should also go for layers because layers will make their hair more controllable. This time we have decided to represent you 2016 long layered hairstyles by celebrities. So, check out the following long layered hairstyle.

Long Layered Hairstyles by Celebrities

1. Debra Messing Red Curly Layered Hairstyle


Debra Messing Red Curly Layered Hairstyle

Debora Messing’s red curly hairstyle is really inspiring. Rich red shade adds more shine to a long layered hairstyle. If you don’t have a red shade hair, then switch up your hair color. Choose the best shade of red: burgundy, auburn, ginger and so on.

2. Tyra Banks Half up Half down Layered Hairstyle

Tyra Banks Half up Half down Layered Hairstyle

This adorable half up half down with a modern twist is perfectly demonstrated by a top model Tyra Banks. Long layered hairstyle accentuates her face shape and made it even more stunning. Every girl will capture the world by sporting this half up half down hairstyle.

3. Diane Lane Layered Hairstyle

Diane Lane Layered Hairstyle

If you have ever thought that older women can’t wear long hair then you are mistaken. Look at Diane Lane at her 50s she is so adorable with the long layered hairstyle. She proves that long layered hairstyles are suitable of females of all ages. I truly love her bouncy curls which make her look younger than in real she is.

4. Kate Hudson Beachy Waves

Kate Hudson Beachy Waves

Oh, let’s not forget about beachy waves because after several days we are going to feel the summer. Kate Hudson suggests us cool beachy waves on layered haircut which is simply impressive. Can you imagine yourself with this hairstyle on the beach? I guess you are going to get too much attention.

5. Cameron Diaz Sleek Hairstyle

Cameron Diaz Sleek Hairstyle

Straight hairstyle with crooked part can be the best choice for summer dates. I think Cameron looks too elegant with this sleek hairstyle. So take your hairdryer and go ahead.

6. Resse Witherspoon Loose Curls

Resse Witherspoon Loose Curls

Resse Witherspoon always opts for face-framing layers to illuminate her complexion. What makes her loose curls even more impressive? Well, of course, hair highlights. This is a perfect option for 2019 so hurry up to get this hairstyle.

Celebrities sport the best hairstyles and give us an idea about our next cool hairdo. Remember that you always have many options but try to choose something which will work well with your face shapes.

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