Main Under Eye Bags Causes And Treatments

One of the aging issues that tend to affect most people is represented by the so-called under eye bags which are also described as puffiness and even mild swelling in the area right under the eyes. To be able to fight off these aging symptoms you need to be aware of under eye bags causes and the treatments that can help you both prevent and eliminate them.

Main Under Eye Bags Causes And Treatments


Under Eye Bags Causes

One of the main under eye bags causes is aging. That’s because as the skin grows old, the tissues that define the area around the eyes lose their strength. The same happens to the muscles that are in charge of providing support for the eyelids. This effect of aging is usually followed by fluid accumulation right under the eyes and fat migration to the lower eyelids. As a result, the eyes end up looking swollen and puffy. The list of under the eye bags causes also includes the tendency of the body, and the eyes in particular, to accumulate fluid. Usually that happens when the weather changes, becoming too humid or too hot, the body suffers changes in hormone levels or the foods you eat become saltier and saltier.

These eye issues have also been proven to be favored by a person’s tendency to sleep mostly on his/her back and the lack of sleep. There are also cases when the under the eye bags causes have actually a medical origin. That’s because a known symptom of allergies and dermatitis is this so-called eye puffiness. The main difference is that in this case the mentioned puffiness comes accompanied by two other symptoms: itching and redness. Last but not least, there is also the category of under the eye bags considered the result of heredity.


Main Under Eye Bags Causes And Treatments

Under eye bags causes and treatmentsNow that you are aware of the main under eye bags causes, it’s time we talked about the main treatments that you can use in order to get rid of them. You should start by investing in a reliable eye cream. The best options available on the market are able to hydrate the area under your eyes, reduce puffiness and even remove dark circles and wrinkles. All these effects of a reliable eye cream will prevent you from showing up to the important events in your life with tired eyes.

To make sure the cream you are about to choose is able to eliminate all the mentioned effects of under eye bags causes, before making a final choice, you should read as many eye cream reviews as possible. Most valuable are those that belong to actual users of the targeted cream. Such creams won’t have the expected result only if the eye swelling is caused by an allergy. In this case you will have to visit a doctor and get a prescription for the right allergy medication. That’s why before taking any action against the circles under the eye you should ask yourself how you get eye bags.

Home Remedies

To maximize the effect of special eye creams you should also invest time and effort in home remedies. For instance, applying cold compresses to the problematic skin area around the eyes is known to eliminate bags as well as help you to get rid of dark circles. The same effects tend to have cucumber slices, special types of refrigerated masks and tea bags that are cold but still damp.

If instead of treating the problem you want to also try and prevent it, to this list of home remedies you should add lifestyle changes. You should start by making sure your rest hours are enough for your body to fully recover. Studies have shown that an adult should never sleep less than seven or eight hours per night. It’s also important to keep your head elevated when sleeping and prevent your body from retaining fluids by consuming less alcohol and coffee and reducing the salt amounts in your food.

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