Make Up Tricks Every Girls Should Know

Make up tricks add glamour and beauty to your looks. Lipsticks, eyeliners, blushers, mascara, eye shadows, etc. enhance your looks. Make up tricks are right and smart ways to use makeup. These tricks magnify the strong points of your face, which are always handy to use.

MakeUp Tricks



Some of the make up tips are listed below:

Right shade

When you choose a shade of lipstick, you generally swipe it on the back of your hand to see if it matches your skin. A better way to test the lipstick is to test it on your fingertip. Hold the color next to your face to see how it looks. Your finger is a perfect gauge, since its color is similar to the texture of your lips.

Lip touch up:

For a pretty finishing, run a toothbrush over your lips to exfoliate dry skin or a damp paper towel over the lips. After scrubbing, lipstick will glide without cracking

MakeUp Tricks

Filling the fine lines:

Some women have tiny wrinkles above the upper lip. In such a case, you need to keep your lipstick from feathering. What would work well is to coat your mouth with a plain Chap Stick or a balm. Try the coat to go a little bit outside your lip before applying color.

Let your lipstick stay a bit long:

You would want your lipstick to stay through lunch but do not fancy wearing the longwearing formulas. Here is a perfect easy trick for you. Apply a coat of your lipstick, and then press it with a single tissue. Powder it lightly with a puff or brush. This sets the lipstick and prevents it from feathering and fading.

Plump it up:

A finishing touch would be to dab the middle of your lower lip with a bit of gold lip gloss or silver. This shimmer powder is the fastest route to create a perfect illusion of fullness. However, do not blot your lips; you will blur the diva Jolie effect.

Droopy eye make up:

Shade the area above the arch of your brow with a white liner and blend it. This subtly lights up your face. It creates the illusion of higher eyebrows and lids and is great for droopy eyes.

Droopy eye make up

Avoid smudging you liner:

Apply liner with a pencil or a tiny brush. Then trace over the liner with a matching powder shadow. To give a lasting effect, wet your shadow brush with Visine.

Magnifying your eyes:

Use a curler, place a lash curler at the roots of the lashes and slowly run it out to the tips. Press while you do it.

Concealing strategically:

Face filled with foundation or too much of concealer looks unnatural. Try to cover it only where it is needed. Keep the rest of your skin shining and blend well.

Concealing strategically

Luminous face:

Every face has shadows. To see them smile in the mirror, you will see some dark areas like below your lips and inner corner of your eyes. Dab on shimmery white eye shadow on them. This brightens them up.

Some women cannot live without make up, while some like to keep it natural and minimal. However, it always helps to have some of these make up tricks up your sleeves for a quick touch up.

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