Makeup Brand – Clinique Makeup Foundation

Clinique is known for making allergy-free makeup products suitable for all skin types. Makeup Foundation is used to give you smooth even skin tone and make you look flawless. Clinique gives you perfect, natural looking flawless skin and feels very light.

Makeup Brand_ Clinique Makeup Foundation


Perfect Real Makeup:

It is very light and you feel as if you are not wearing any makeup. It helps you get smooth, perfect, natural looking skin. It has ultra lightweight liquid formula, which is oil free and does not cause pimples. It can be used by people with dry, combination and oily skin. It is a liquid foundation which is available in several shades.

Even Better Makeup SPF15:

If you have oily skin or uneven skin tone with age spots, then this foundation is the right product for you. As it is oil free, contains SPF15, it provides a smooth flawless coverage and visibly diminishes age spots in just 4 to 6 weeks. It a liquid foundation that visibly brightens your skin tone, restores even skin tone and protects you skin from further damage.

Makeup Brand_ Clinique Makeup Foundation

Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup:

There very few makeup foundation that are available in the market for acne affected skin. This product provides complete coverage without damaging your skin. It looks natural and feels fresh once you apply it. It is oil-free, non-irritating makeup that helps blending away blemishes and neutralized redness. It has medical ingredients that treat existing breakouts and stop them from coming back. It is suitable for dry, combination, oily and very oily skin tone.

Redness Solutions Makeup SPF15 with Probiotic Technology:

It has calming ingredients that help minimizing flare ups. It helps to cover redness and instantly color corrects your skin tone. It is oil-free and its beneficial probiotic technology helps in strengthening the skin barriers. It has SPF plus antioxidants that keep environmental triggers at bay. It is suitable for very dry to dry, dry combination and oily skin types.

There are various other makeup foundations for specific skin type or reasons:

Work-Out Makeup All Day Wear: It provides a superior all-day wear liquid makeup. It is water resistant and stays fresh trough humidity, heat and activity.

Stay-True Makeup Oil-Free Formula: It is best suitable for oily skin. It has oil free formula, does not clog pores, evens your skin tone and minimizes shine. It is long lasting.

Makeup Brand_ Clinique Makeup Foundation

Continuous Coverage: This opaque makeup covers birthmarks, flaws and scars. It is suitable for all skin tones. You can use it as full face makeup or as a concealer. It provides physical sun block.

Repairwear Anti-Aging Makeup SPF 15: It helps to instantly mend and block the lines and wrinkles on your face. It gives a smooth finish and continuously repairs your skin. It is oil free and has SPF plus anti-oxidants.

There various other powder foundations like almost powder makeup SPF 15, superpowder double face makeup, city base compact foundation SPF 15, perfect real compact, etc. These powder or compact foundation helps you get a smooth even skin tone with a perfect finish.

Clinique makeup foundations are available in various forms like liquid, powder and compact powder. Choose a foundation that suits your skin type and gives the best coverage to your skin blemishes or flaws. These foundations give you natural look smooth skin without damaging your skin.

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