Makeup Tools – Makeup Brush For Beginners

Every girl loves doing makeup and Dona is no exception. Since childhood, Dona has idolized movie actresses for their looks, styling and above all for makeup techniques. Dona wants to look just like them and so wants to make her own makeup kit. Dona has picked up the right types of foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipsticks, blush, etc to complete her make up kit. However, the most important accessory, without which she make up kit would be incomplete, is the makeup brush. Let us help Dona pick up the right makeup brush, use it accurately and maintain it well with the given makeup brush tips.

Makeup Tools-Makeup Brush


Types and Purposes

The following are the main types of makeup brushes with their specific purpose in applying to make up. They are necessary for every makeup kit.

Makeup Tools-Makeup Brush

Foundation Brush: This brush is thick with long bristles and is used to apply a strong base of foundation or concealer on the face uniformly.

Powder Brush: Powder brushes have big and fluffy bristles that help to pick up loose powder and spread it on the face evenly and lightly.

Blush Brush: Blush brush is used to add blush on the cheeks. This brush can be large and fluffy or small and angled, depending upon its purpose.

Eye shadow Brush: Use the eye shadow brush to apply makeup on the eyelids only and hence they have thin bristles. In addition, the bristles make is flat as it is easier to reach out to the corners of the eyes and along the eyelashes.

Eye Liner Brush: This is a thin brush with very few bristles, tapered to form a point at one end. Use it to draw a thin and continuous line, just over the eyelashes.

How to Use Makeup Brush

As we already know, there are different types of brush, depending upon their purpose. The type and purpose of the brush decide the way to use them. Use a light but generous hand while applying to make up with a blush or powder brush. It is mainly used to dust the makeup and give a shine on your face. On the other hand, a lip brush or eyeliner brush is used to do makeup on small, curved and delicate areas of your face. Hence, you need an artistic and unmoving hand to help you do the makeup finely. Understand the correct usage of the brush before you use them.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes?

Wash the bristles of the brush under tap water. In case the brush bristles are sticky and have a lot of colors, use lukewarm water for quicker results.

Makeup Tools-Makeup Brush

Wet the bristles sufficiently. Apply little shampoo or cleanser unto the bristles, and rub it until it forms a lather. Wash off the lather under running water. If needed, soak the bristles in water for a few minutes.

You will notice residual make up running off along with the shampoo. Wash the brush till you get clean water.
Gently press the bristles to squeeze out extra water. Place the brush on a towel and allow it dry for a day.

This was some basic information about the make up brush. Go through it before you make your buy. Also, learn the techniques to use them and get the look you always wanted.

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