Very Simple & Easy Tutorials For The Best Golden Eye Makeup Ever

The first shade we’re taking in this palette is called clever and I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that with my morphe and 5:04 brush and that’s just gonna go in the crease. Then I’m just gonna go in back and forth with swiper shield motions.

Next, we are taking the shade this is called fair for. I hope I’m saying that right and I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that right below where we apply the first shade and I’m just gonna take a morphe m3 e30 brush. Then after that, we’re gonna go back in with that same brush and I’m gonna try to blend out the top. So it looks as seamless as possible and then I’m just gonna take another fluffy brush and I’m just gonna go ahead and blend out even more than second.


makeup eyeshadow gold

That shade we apply to our eyelid. We want to like the best blended out seamless eyeshadow. That we can possibly get. So yeah I’m just going back and forth. I’m taking some setting spray and I’m gonna go in with the Too Faced chocolate bar palette and I’m just gonna take chocolate gold and apply that all over the lid and then I’m gonna use that same shade to kind of cut out my crease.

I’m doing like a half a cut crease um this is like a lazy way everyone like cleans out your eye with a concealer, but I think it works just as well with um I shadow like you. Don’t always have to use a concealer but yeah this is my first time using this Too Faced chocolate bar palette or is the chocolate gold bar palette and it smells amazing and the
shades are so pigmented.

Especially if you spray with some type of setting spray the setting spray that I used was the what a wild and natural setting spray and then, Here I am taking this shade cocoa truffle and I’m just gonna add. That to outer corner Iwanna intensify the outer part a little bit but not too much because I don’t want to want it to look too dark and then I just used a more feet and five to your six brush and here I took the NYX um angel veil and I’m just gonna go ahead and prime my face.


Okay, so now we’re gonna move on to the face here I’m just taking my foundation. I’ve been really used rubbing and using the Too Faced foundation. We’re just gonna go ahead and blend that all over our face. Okay, so norm I’m gonna use this Knicks gotcha Covered concealer. It is supposedly waterproof and it got it in the shade ivory and I added a little bit on to the under part of my eye.

makeup eyeshadow gold

I just want to say this concealer is super hard to blend out. I do not recommend it. I just didn’t want to redo my whole face. So yeah I don’t recommend it I have used it only for the lid and cutting the crease and it works beautifully. That way but when it came to making a base like I was just having a really hard time blending it. I’m so then later on in the video you guys are gonna see that. I went in with my wet and wild concealer the photo focus and this kind of really helped out with the blending. I don’t recommend it for the face but I do recommend the pretty eyes.

The next I’m gonna go in with my air spoon powder and I really love this to set and bake my face also I feel like this powder really helped out with the whole concealer situation it. Just makes my makeup flawless in my opinion I really really recommend. This powder I’m gonna go in with this Tarte bronzer and it is in the shade Park every princess. I’m just taking a Sonia Kashuk brush and I’m gonna go ahead and bronze up my face a little bit. I’m not gonna contour too much also I’m gonna go down my nose tip of my nose. So I’m just gonna take a fluffy brush and remove all of that excess powder and at the same time kind of blend out everything together.

I just went back with a little bit off that browser and ivory applied it to my cheeks because sometimes with the blending. I do feel like it kind of just blends it all the way. So just adding a little bit back to the eyes I’m just gonna go ahead and add that gold shade to the bottom part of my waterline. Also, I had already applied lashes on any blush any lashes will work.  I feel like lashes are a personal thing not every lash goes with every eye.

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Here I’m taking the one a wild natural setting spray and I’m gonna go in with this balm highlighter. I don’t know the shape guys, I know is I got it in an empty bag but I really like this shade. I hadn’t used it actually and I think it’s a pretty nice tone of color. So we’re just gonna go ahead and highlight the tip of the nose and I work cheeks. This is the final look. So I just went ahead and added a lipstick on it’s just a nude but yep this is the look guys.

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