Custom Makeup For Blonde Hair And Warm Skin

This custom makeup look suits you if?

You have golden, warm blonde or dark blonde hair or greying hair that has warm or yellow undertones.


Your eyes are brown, blue, hazel or green.

You have a warm skin tone that can develop a light, golden tan.

Your skin tone and blonde hair indicate that your coloring is quite delicate.


If so, you need to choose makeup shades that are not too bold.

The Step By Step Guide towards Creating your Custom Makeup Look

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Step 1

Stroke concealer on to problem areas after applying a light tinted moisturizer. Blondes tend to have thin skin, often prone to surface thread veins. These thread veins can be effectively covered with concealer, applied with a clean cotton bud.

Step 2

Dip a powder puff into loose powder and lightly press over the oily prone areas of your face. This will absorb excess oil throughout the day to give your skin a nice, comforting feeling. Dust off any excess powder with a clean powder brush.

Step 3

Sweep peach eye shadow over your entire eyelid. It will blend with your natural skin tone. This will also allow a clean, wide-eyed look to your makeup.

Step 4

Use an eye shadow brush to work a tiny amount of soft brown eye shadow. Apply it into the crease of your eyelid to give your eyes depth and definition. Sweep it towards the outer corner of your eyes as well.

Step 5

Use the same brown eye shadow to work a little underneath your lower lashes. This gives a softer effect than traditional kohl pencil or eyeliner. It is also excellent for those with pale or blonde hair who can?t bring out very strong makeup. Finish with 2 coats of brown/black mascara.

Step 6

Apply a shade resembling nude lipstick with a lip brush. Then apply a tawny blush, sweeping it a little at a time over your cheeks, forehead, and chin. You can even dust a little over the tip of your nose to create that edgy look.

Applying blush after finishing your makeup is a good technique. You’ll be able to determine exactly how much you may need.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind?

Use light neutral shades as they enhance the warmth of the skin while retaining the delicate tones.


In order to get that beautiful custom makeup look, take time to experiment. These steps will surely bring out your warm complexion.

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