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Professional Eye Makeup, Eye Makeup Professional

Professional makeup artist apply stunning eye makeup on models and celebrities that, for most of us, seem completely out of reach. Knowing the right tools and techniques to use, you can get the perfect professional eye makeup. Tools essential for professional eye makeup: Makeup artist use quality tools that are specifically designed for a particular

Elegant and Stylish Makeup Tutorial for Cat Eyes

If you wish to learn cat eye makeup, without any difficulty, smudging or fussing, then remember that cat eye makeup is very easy to apply – this is not rocket science or superior gymnastics; perfecting the cat eye makeup look is more like a smooth ride on a bicycle. Best of all, the cat-eye look

Best Tricks for Appling Makeup on Dark Circles

Bobbi Brown, the international makeup artist, authored Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution. She has mentioned in her book, “Making your eyes look their best takes two things: the right cream to keep the skin around the eyes smooth and the right makeup to enhance your eye color and shape,” Dark circles around your eyes are like

How to Wear Silver Eyeliner?

Many girls think silver eyeliner looks extra flamboyant and gives a loud look to their personality. But it is not true. You just need to know the nuances of how to put on silver eyeliner. You need to wear it in accordance to the shape of your face, shape of your eyes, and skin type.

Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes posses a more earthy tone on their face. Brown eyes give a unique aura and drama to your facial feature with the richness of being warm. And certainly the song “Brown Eyed Girl” popularized these set of eyes. Still, some with brown eyes are just not satisfied with what they have

How to Get Angelina Jolie Cat Eyes

A diva and trendsetter in the world of make-up, people yearn to get Angelina Jolie cat eyes. There are many reasons why people are so eager to take beauty tips from. For one, she has a flawless face – so much so, that she looks good even without makeup. And even when she wears makeup,