Best Makeup Information For Individuals With Cool Skin And Red Hair

This is the best makeup look for those of us with?

Strawberry blonde or pale red hair. These rules apply even if the color has faded.


Blue, grey, hazel or green eyes.

Pale skin, ranging from ivory to a pink-toned complexion.

Let’s begin with these application steps?

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Step 1
Apply foundation and concealer, then dot a peachy shade of cream blush on to your cheekbones. Unlike powder blush, you can blend the cream variety with the use of your fingertips.
The warmth from your skin will help smooth it in evenly. Apply a little cream blush at a time and finish with a dusting of translucent powder.

Step 2
Sweep a neutral, peach-toned eye shadow over your eyelids to emphasize your eye color. Ensure you take care to work it close to your eyelashes, to balance the effect.

Step 3
Redheads usually have fair eyebrows. The smart thing to do is to emphasize them to create a frame to your eyes.

Otherwise, the rest of your makeup will look unbalanced as the focus will be placed on your forehead. Opt for a very pale eyebrow pencil, in a subtle grey-brown tone.

Stroke it through your eyebrows, taking care to fill in any spaces. Then soften the lines by brushing through with an eyebrow comb.

Step 4
Brush a hint of gold, shimmery eye shadow into the arch under your eyebrows. This is to give your eyes an extra definition and bring them mildly into focus.

Step 5
Green eyeliner looks great but doesn’t smudge it under your lower lashes. This will drag your features down. Work it along the upper lashes and into the eye corners.

Then smudge with a cotton bud to give a soft finish. Brush with translucent powder to ensure it stays put. Finish with 2 coats of brown mascara.

Step 6

Burnished orange lipstick complements this look. Begin by outlining your lips with a toning lip liner to prevent the color from leaking around the lips.

Then use a lip brush to fill in with the lipstick.

Here are some Best Makeup tips to consider?

Rich, red burnished lipstick will add a touch of beauty to this look. As soft greens will intensify the color of your eyes.

If you have freckles, don’t fall into the trap of trying to cover them with dark-toned foundation. Instead, match your foundation to your skin tone to avoid a mask-like effect.

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To get the best makeup look, apply these basic steps to achieve the outcome of having that striking appearance.

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