A Gorgeous Makeup Glamour Girl Look For You

This sexy glamour look is perfect for a formal event. The good thing about this look is that it’s sexy, but classy at the same time.

Here are the 6 simple steps for this glamour look…

Makeup Glamour hollywood dramatic glitter for brown eyes, Old hollywood glamour makeup, Perfect eyebrows


Step 1

First, we’ll focus on the eyes since this is a sophisticated look. Apply foundation, concealer, and powder before you begin with your eyes.

Sweep a smoky dark brown eye shadow over your entire eyelid and blend it properly into the crease. Sweep a line of loose powder under your eyes.

A simple sponge applicator is less likely to flick color away than a brush. However, take care when applying the loose powder under your eyes to catch any falling specks of dark shadow.

Step 2

To emphasize the shape of your eyes, apply a little of the same eye shadow under your lower lashes. This will give a well-balanced look to the makeup on your eyes and provide a smooth base for the eyeliner.
The emphasis is on glamour.

Step 3

Black eyeliner is ideal for this look, even though it’s too harsh for the daylight. Use a pencil to carefully draw a thin line above and below your eyelashes.

Another alternative is to draw a series of tiny dots if it’s too hard to create a steady line. Then you can blend them together with a clean cotton bud.


Step 4

Sweep a pearly ivory shadow over your brow bones for a beautiful, wide-eyed look. This is to provide a contrast with the dark, smoky look on your eyelids.

Apply a little bit at a time, to gradually create the effect. Finish off this look with 2 coats of mascara.

Makeup Glamour hollywood dramatic glitter for brown eyes, Old hollywood glamour makeup, Perfect eyebrows

Step 5

Opt for a tawny blush or a bronzing powder. These colors are the best choice for this look. The natural color won’t overpower the rest of your makeup.

Sweep it smoothly over your cheekbones, while taking care to blend away the edges into your hairline.

Step 6

Use a pinkish-beige shade of lip pencil and smudge it over your entire mouth. This to keep your lips neutral and to give them an understated effect.

When you keep your lips neutral, they’ll provide a striking impact to this look.


Smoky dark-brown eye shadow along with black eyeliner tends to give your eyes that special focus. A soft neutral shade on the lips creates a gorgeous, sultry finish.

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