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Makeup Tools – Disposable Makeup Brushes

Women love applying makeup and using various makeup brushes to create different looks. The makeup brushes get dirty and the bristles become brittle if you don’t clean them regularly. The expensive makeup brushes are easily spoiled if not cleaned using good makeup brush cleansers. You love applying makeup but hate cleaning makeup brushes, then disposable

Makeup Tools – Kabuki Makeup Brushes

Kabuki makeup brushes are the fluffy makeup brushes with short cylindrical handle that have been one of the important makeup brushes for centuries. These makeup brushes have originated in ancient Japan. The traditional Kabuki theater actors used these densely packed makeup brushes to apply makeup. These brushes became popular across Japan and then throughout the

Makeup Tools – Makeup Brush For Beginners

Every girl loves doing makeup and Dona is no exception. Since childhood, Dona has idolized movie actresses for their looks, styling and above all for makeup techniques. Dona wants to look just like them and so wants to make her own makeup kit. Dona has picked up the right types of foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, lipsticks,

Makeup Tools -Retractable Makeup Brushes

Carrying a few makeup essentials and tools in your purse is necessary for a quick touch or to create a new look. While carrying makeup brushes in your purse or makeup bag, there are chances that the brush hair may get destroyed or the brush may leave some makeup residue in your purse. Retractable makeup

Makeup Tools – Soft Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are an essential tool for every woman who loves applying makeup. Our facial skin is much delicate than the rest of our body, hence we need to take special care of it. If you use makeup brushes with hard bristles to apply makeup, then they may cause damage to your skin. It is

Clarins Makeup Brushes, Makeup Brushes By Clarins!

In 1954, Jacques Courtin-Clarins created Clarins with the idea to take beauty seriously. He developed unique face and body treatment techniques and produced luxury products made from plant extracts. Clarins soon became a skincare leader in France and Europe. Jacques says that he created Clarins out of love and respect for women’s beauty and today