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“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of us all?” This famous interjection is almost like a question for all the girls. The answer to this is that a mirror can only reflect the reality. Hence, correct makeup can make a girl look beautiful, and that beauty can be reflected only by the use of a correct mirror.

Makeup Tools-Makeup Mirror


Choosing a makeup mirror though not difficult involves a lot of aspects. This is not that difficult to comprehend.

There are different types of makeup mirrors:

Integrated Mirrors are those which are a part of cosmetic box, be it a blush, eye-shadow or a compact powder box. These are generally amalgamated in the cosmetic case and are precise for brisk touch-up and confirmation of your make-up’s resiliency. The only problem with these is that they are too small to view the whole face when needed. At times, they can get tainted with the cosmetic and hence prove to be a problem.

Makeup Tools-Makeup Mirror

Accessory mirrors are those that are sold individually other than the integrated ones. These should an inseparable and essential part of your kit and purse. They are useful for touch-ups and can prove to be a blessing while you are travelling.

Hand-held mirrors are useful for checking the makeup from different angles. They serve their purpose best when they are used along with a bathroom or a vanity mirror. Abundantly available in the market, they come in different sizes and exotic frames that also serve to be collectibles.

Hand-held mirrors

Stationary mirrors are those that are fixed to a wall, in the bathroom or to a dressing table. These also come with stands that can be adjusted according to the height or can be swiveled according to the angle. These are useful for a woman as she can apply makeup with both her hands; contrary to grappling the mirror in one and makeup object in other.

Magnifying mirrors are those that are precise for defining details like application of eyeliner or a lip-liner are covering the scars, blemishes. These are especially useful for those women who wear spectacles and can’t see without them.

Lighted mirrors are those that are lit either on the edges or the entire reflective surface is encircled and lit. This provides a continuous source of light that eliminates all the shadows that can exist while doing makeup. This mirror can also be less forgiving on the flaws that can be hidden adeptly. The flaw for this mirror can be the difference of the look in natural light; a woman’s makeup can look entirely different in daylight as to that done in this light. The lights used for this mirror are usually coated bulbs that replicate natural light. Fluorescent lights are to be avoided as it makes the skin appear bluish-green and brings out all the imperfections of the skin.

Whichever mirror you use, make sure that it aids your makeup in the correct way to make you look your best every moment of the day. Go on, make your choice of your mirror to look fairest of them all!

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