Makeup Themes – Best Celebrity Makeup Looks

Do you want all your blemishes and scars to vanish in a moment? Are you hoping to carry a perfect look but do not have time to go through any long time process? Here are tips on celebrity makeup that will help you in doing the same.

Makeup Themes_ Celebrity Makeup


The only thing we know about celebrities is that they appear gorgeous in front of you because they pay lots of attention to their beauty and appearance but after all this their makeup styles help them a lot to keep up with their look. To avoid errors they take help of makeup. You can have the same tricks and tips for yourself to look as gorgeous as a celebrity can.

Makeup Start:

It is important to prepare the skin before applying any product. The concealers used by celebrities are good and perfect for toning the skin. Different celebrities prefer different brand concealers. It is applied in two or three thin layers, which help to cover the blemishes and uneven skin tone. Celebrity makeup artists use green concealer first to tone the redness down under the foundation.

Celebrities on Their Eyes:

Eyes are the most important part to cover with makeup, as your way of treating the eyes can change your entire look. Nowadays, celebrities carry a smoky eye look. Eyeliner used for lining the eyes is often black or dark brown in color. Brown shades give a smoking look whereas black makes the eyes noticeable.

Makeup Themes_ Celebrity Makeup

You should start with eye shadow primer or a foundation that will hold the makeup. Makeup artists usually pick colors which are a variation of these three shades; light green, dark green and medium green. If you want a light makeup for eyes, you can pick a shade from the neutral color family.

Other trick used by professional makeup artists is to use a liner on the lower inner rim of the eyes in white color. This makes the eyes look wide. Shimmer powder is also applied by celebrity makeup artists that gives a glamorous red carpet look to the eyes of a celebrity.

If you want to make up your eyes to carry a cat-eye look, use black or dark brown eyeliner and turn it up slightly as it comes out. Smudge it, as this is the key for perfect smoky look.

Makeup for Eyelashes:

Celebrities also take special treats for their eyelashes as you see their eyelashes are dense and thick are not natural in most of the cases. This is all magic of makeup. Apply a coat of mascara by applying mascara from the base to tip. Use a dust that makes the eyelashes look thicker.

Makeup for Eyelashes

Apply another coat of mascara. You should brush the eyelashes between two coats of mascara. If you eyelashes are too thin, than makeup is not very effective. For that, you can use fake or artificial eyelashes. Many celebrities use such eyelashes stuck with glue.


Make an outline with pencil and then fill color. Wipe the lips once with tissue lightly for removing extra lipstick. Choose the lip color according to skin complexion and matching with eye makeup.


Celebrity makeup steps given above will make your makeup look perfect. Try not to look overdone, as your natural beauty should not be killed.

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