Makeup Tips – Finding The Best Foundation Makeup According Your Skin Type

If you want flawless skin, free of blemishes or freckles, chances are you’ve searched high and low for the best foundation makeup. If you’re not happy with the brands you’ve tried, or you don’t think it works well for your specific skin type, the tips below should help you out. The key to finding the best foundation makeup is knowing your skin type and selecting a high-quality makeup that specifically targets your skin type.

Best foundation for oily skin, dry skin, combination skin


Best Foundation Makeup for Dry Skin – If you have dry skin, you don’t have to worry about using a foundation that has oil in it. In fact, you need to look for a moisturizing foundation that will cover well and that won’t make your skin any drier than it already is. Nars is a brand that many people with dry skin utilize with success. Another trick that many people use is to mix one part moisturizer with one part foundation and then apply it, as it’s better for dry skin and goes on more smoothly.

Best Foundation Makeup for Combination Skin – If you have combination skin (dry cheeks and oily t-zone), you’ll want to select a foundation that is created specifically for combination skin. Lancome Adaptive, Loreal Ideal Balance, and Clinique Super balance foundation are all great selections for combination skin. A lot of the best mineral makeup brands are also good for this type of skin. These brands cover very well without drying your skin or adding excess oil to the areas that don’t need it. Keep combination skin healthy by applying oil-free moisturizer at night and in the morning.

Best Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin – For oily skin, a foundation with extra oil can mean a messy, shiny, and uncomfortable day – not to mention the possibility of pimples. To counteract the excess oil you already have, opt for a foundation designed specifically for oily skin. Yves Saint Laurent oil-free foundation, Bobbi Brown oil-free foundation, and Clinique Super balance are all great selections for oily skin. Before applying foundation, blot your skin with a paper towel. Many people assume that since their skin is oily, they don’t need moisturizer, but this is not true. It should be used as part of a daily cleansing process to balance and hydrate skin. Be sure to use the oil-free kind, and this will help your skin take the foundation more easily.

By understanding what skin type you have and experimenting a little with the different types of foundation available, you can find the best foundation makeup for you.

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