Makeup Tips For Bigger, Brighter Looking Eyes

We’ve all had those days. You’re tired. Too tired to put on make-up, but you want to hide the puffy under-eye circles, bloodshot eyes, and over-all grogginess. On days like these, here are some tips that can brighten your face and your mood:

Makeup Tips For Bigger, Brighter Looking Eyes

Simple makeup tips for bigger eyes that can brighten your face and your mood.


1. Highlight the inner corners:

Apply a shimmery, champagne eyeshadow or eyeliner (it can be a liquid, cream, or powder) to the inner corners of your eyes. This will give your eyes a subtle shimmer and make them look bigger. Product suggestions: e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip in ‘Lilac Petal,’ Maybelline Color Tattoo in ‘Barely Branded,’ or Covergirl single eyeshadow in ‘Champagne.’

2. Curl Those Lashes:

Curling your eyelashes can make a huge difference. It automatically makes your eyes look much brighter and hardly takes any time. Even if you’re having one of those mascara-only days, this is not a step to skip. For an added boost, use waterproof mascara,  it holds a curl much better than the regular stuff.

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3. Use a pop of blue on your lower lashes:
Lining your lower lashes with a blue eyeliner or eyeshadow cancels out any red in your eyes and makes them look whiter. You can achieve the same effect with blue mascara. If you find that your lashes are too dark and the blue doesn’t show up, apply a white lash primer first. My favorite products for this trick are: Maybelline Great Lash mascara in ‘Royal Blue’ (the brush is just small enough to get those lower lashes without smudging) or NYX Slide-On eye pencil in ‘Sunrise Blue.’ Both stay put all day.

4. Line your waterline with a nude pencil:
Some people can get a little freaked out about placing eyeliner on their waterline (the inner rim of your lower eyelid), but it’s safe and not as uncomfortable as you think ‘ as long as you use a creamy, soft pencil. Lining your waterline with a nude liner can instantly make your eyes look bigger. My favorite liner for this (and the cheapest one I’ve found) is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl liner in ‘Nude.’

5. Use a salmon-colored concealer under your eyes:
Blending a bit of pinky salmon concealer under your eyes eliminates any blueish under-eye circles. Typically, these concealers are difficult to find in the drug store. There are many options among the high-end brands like Bobbi Brown (the only brand I know of that makes them in a wide range of shades for all skin tones) and Benefit, but I’ve found an alternative that does the job just fine. The Maybelline Magic Eraser in ‘Brightener’ is perfect for this trick. It’s a light, pink concealer that covers dark circles like a dream. Unfortunately, I’m still trying to find a cheaper alternative for darker skin tones.

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