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10 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

10 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know – Makeup is getting crazier and crazier nowadays, and it also isn’t easy (or cheap! ) to stay up to date with the latest trends. If you want your current makeup to not just seem effortless, but actually be effortless, consider these 15 makeup hackers that’ll save you

How To Get The 80s Makeup

The 80s was an era where loud make up, loud clothing was in vogue. Time has changed since then and fashion has become different now than it used to be. But if you want to recreate the 80s look, how will you go about it? Below mentioned are few tips that will help you with

Professional Makeup – Do It Yourself

Every second month there comes an occasion for which we have to take appointment from professional makeup artist and spend hundreds of dollars on them. Many times we have avoided such occasion because we dint have enough budgets to visit salon or call for a professional at home. But why to make such compromise when

Know More About Body Make Up

Make up can not only do wonders on your face but also on your body by hiding imperfections such as stretch marks, black patches, rashes etc. And these types of make up products are useful if you are planning to wear a little revealing dress to a party. Often times many of us pay more

Face and Eye Makeup using by Bed Head Cosmetics

You can be beautiful, luxurious, exquisite, and fun all at the same time by using Bed Head makeup to create trendy looks. If you have Bed Head makeup in your cosmetic bag, then you are sure to stand out. The TIGI cosmetics have specially designed a complete line that is perfectly fit for any lifestyle.

How to Apply Makeup on Dry Skin

This can be a perfect description of winter! The winter takes away all the moisture from the skin. But there is no way one can avoid winter. Ditto for dry skin, keep it hydrated all the times. Dry skin can occur due to many reasons, mainly reduction of humidity in the weather, in the season